John Oliver Roasts CNBC’s Jim Cramer Again in Train Segment – Deadline

John Oliver is taking on CNBC’s Jim Cramer, again.

Fresh from signing a new three-year deal with HBO, as revealed by Deadline last week, the Last Week Tonight host dinged the Mad Money host in a segment on trains.

Oliver was discussing Hunter Harrison, the train exec responsible for introducing precision scheduled railroading.

“You know a person is pretty awesome if they get a ringing sound effect-laden endorsements on an esteemed show like Big Bucks Word Puke with Captain Money Clown,” he joked.

It is his latest turn roasting former hedge fund manager Cramer. In July 2022, he took on Cramer for not ringing the bell early enough on inflation and early this year he mocked him for his take on crypto.

Oliver also reminded viewers of the dark tone of the Ringo Starr-narrated “sadistic” kids TV series Thomas The Tank Engine a few times during the episode.

“The British version of Thomas didn’t f*ck around. An episode whose premise is ‘stop complaining about work or we’ll throw you in your forever hole’ has got to be one of the most disturbing episodes of children’s TV ever right up there with the episode of Blue’s Clues, where Blue reveals herself to be the Zodiac killer,” he said.

“There children’s shows, and then there are British children’s shows. And that is why I am and this is true, like this,” Oliver added.

Oliver closed out the episode with his own episode of Thomas The Tank Engine, detailing the dangers of the current rail system. It was narrated by What We Do In The Shadows star Matt Berry.

At the start of the episode, Last Week Tonight also posted its own tribute to Norman Lear, who died last week at the age of 101, by including him in its opening credits.

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