Who Voices The Narrator In Invincible Season 2

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Invincible season 2, episode 3!


  • Invincible season 2 introduces a narrator for the first time, voiced by comedian Paul F. Tompkins.
  • The narrator provides background information on the Unopians, Viltrumites, and Allen the Alien in a humorous way.
  • Paul F. Tompkins, known for his role as Mr. Peanutbutter in Bojack Horseman, brings his comedic talents to the role of the narrator.

Invincible season 2, episode 3 introduces a narrator to the series, and here’s who voices him throughout the episode. Although most comic series have some sort of narration provided by an unseen observer, the Invincible series has declined to carry this element over to the show so far. However, Invincible season 2, episode 3 has finally changed course, with the narrator playing a huge role in the episode. Invincible‘s all-new narrator may sound familiar, so here’s who voices him in the episode.

Invincible season 2 is finally here, with the highly-anticipated continuation of Amazon Prime Video’s beloved animated superhero series finally releasing on the streaming service. Invincible season 2 is already geared up to introduce all kinds of new characters and storylines while also continuing arcs from season 1, notably the aftermath of Mark’s battle with Omni-Man in Chicago. Invincible season 2 has already introduced new characters like Angstrom Levy, Bulletproof, the alien superhero Shapesmith, and even the Thraxan alien species. However, one of the most interesting Invincible season 2 additions is the narrator.

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Paul F. Tompkins Voices Invincible Season 2’s Narrator

As it turns out, Invincible season 2’s narrator is voiced by comedian Paul F. Tompkins. Season 2, episode 3 starts out exploring Invincible’s big move to college, showing the events that surround him moving in to the new school. Right as Mark begins to have some fun with Amber, however, a narrator appears and explains that Invincible should be given some time alone. Thus, the narrator takes the audience on a brief vignette, explaining the history of the Unopians, their conflict with the Viltrumites, and the origin story of Allen the Alien.

Paul F. Tompkins prominently voices the narrator throughout the episode, to the surprise of many viewers. The narrator first serves as a typical narrator, reciting events and setting the stage for the episode. However, Tompkins does have some moments to show off his comedic chops, with him going back and forth between Mark and Allen’s sexual escapades in a humorous way.

Where You Know Paul F. Tompkins From

It’s likely that Invincible season 2’s narrator may have sounded familiar, as you may know Paul F. Tompkins from some other projects. Paul F. Tompkins most famously voiced Mr. Peanutbutter in Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, which is where many viewers became familiar with the actor. Mr. Peanutbutter is one of the main characters throughout the entirety of the series, giving Tompkins some serious time to shine.

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However, Paul F. Tompkins has also appeared in some other big projects. Tompkins frequently appeared in the comedy skit series Mr. Show with Bob and David, as well as other comedies like Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. He has also appeared in some prestigious films, voicing the Short Thug in Tangled and playing Prescott in There Will Be Blood. Invincible is just the latest addition to Paul F. Tompkins’ impressive filmography.

New episodes of Invincible release Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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