Who Is the Master and What Is Their Plan?

There are a few mysteries in Star Wars: The Acolyte, but none bigger than this: Who is the Dark Master and what is their big plan? Clearly, this strange, disturbing Force wielder is manipulating Mae to kill these four Jedi who she blames for this tragedy that occurred during her childhood. But why does the Master want Mae to murder the four Jedi? What do they get out of her revenge plan, whether it succeeds or fails? And how does that connect to the identity of this mysterious Sith (is that a Sith?) under that hideous helmet?

That’s the subject of our latest Acolyte video which examines all the clues from the season’s first four episodes, as well as all of the things we know about the history of the Sith and the High Republic from all of the in-continuity comics and books set in this era that have been released thus far. Plus, we’ll give you some our educated guesses about what the Master wants out of all this chaos and why.

Watch our full breakdown below:

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