Where To Go First In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

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Much like entering Limgrave at the beginning of the base game, Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree‘s first moments set you loose in a sprawling open world. Unlike starting a new playthrough, however, the first Site of Grace in the Land of Shadow does not point you in the direction of the main quest. Upon touching Miquella’s cocoon in Mohgwyn Palace and starting Shadow of the Erdtree, a short hike out of a ravine leaves players with the entirety of the Gravesite Plain in front of them.

A conversation with Needle Knight Leda in Mohgwyn Palace provides a narrative preamble, but her directions for following in the footsteps of Kindly Miquella aren’t necessarily helpful in determining the best starting route. Just like in the Lands Between, ample exploration is recommended when starting Shadow of the Erdtree – even in the Gravesite Plain, there are numerous items to find and new enemies to fight. A cursory look around will reveal plenty of possible paths to take, though, and it can be unclear if one route is intended to be taken immediately.


Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree Review – FromSoft’s Greatest Hits

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is a victory lap for FromSoftware, bringing in elements from past games without losing what made it special.

Go To Belurat, Tower Settlement First

Shadow Of The Erdtree’s First Legacy Dungeon

A Tarnished standing on a high ledge in Belurat, Tower Settlement in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

After getting your bearings in Gravesite Plain, you’ll want to head toward Belurat, Tower Settlement first. This is intended to be Shadow of the Erdtree‘s first Legacy Dungeon, the equivalent to the base game’s Stormveil Castle.

Although moderately challenging, Belurat is arguably the easiest dungeon in the DLC and can be beaten by characters that still have low-level Shadow Realm Blessings. More importantly, completing Belurat Tower Settlement and beating its boss in Shadow of the Erdtree provides some much-needed narrative direction, hinting at Miquella’s motivations and providing you with an overarching goal.

How To Get To Belurat, Tower Settlement In Shadow Of The Erdtree

Northwest Corner Of Gravesite Plain

Belurat, Tower Settlement can be explored immediately upon starting Shadow of the Erdtree. Starting from the first Site of Grace – the Gravesite Plain Site of Grace, right where you entered the DLC area – head almost directly north, or alternatively, follow the road through Gravesite Plain to the north, until you reach the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace.

It should be easy to find, with a Miquella’s Cross and a gnarled tree nearby. From here, follow the road west through a tall, but ultimately brief tunnel, across a bridge, and to the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace.

Don’t forget to pick up the Scadutree Fragments at the foot of each Miquella’s Cross; these are important for
Shadow of the Erdtree
‘s separate level scaling. Additionally, four total NPCs can be met at the Three-Paths Cross and Main Gate Cross Sites of Grace, two at each; exhaust their dialog to begin each of their questlines.

Just north of the Main Gate Cross Site of Grace is a large stone staircase that leads to the front gate of Belurat, Tower Settlement. Push open this gate to enter the Legacy Dungeon. It does not require any sort of key, you simply interact with it.

Progressing through Belurat should put you well on your way in the DLC area – a Site of Grace at the end will then point you in the right direction for the next major dungeon and story beat. There is, however, much more to explore in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, so while Belurat is a great first stop, don’t be afraid to take your time exploring the Land of Shadow.

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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

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