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We will be getting more new episodes of Unsolved Mysteries soon and Netflix has announced that Unsolved Mysteries Volume 4 will premiere on Wednesday, July 31.

Netflix shared: “The iconic and gripping series returns, featuring more unexplained deaths, baffling disappearances, and bizarre paranormal activity.”

I loved the original Unsolved Mysteries series! I grew up on that show and Robert Stack was the perfect host for it. While the revival has been interesting to watch, it still just doesn’t feel like Unsolved Mysteries. It’s just another one of those true crime/paranormal shows.

There are currently 21 episodes of the revival series on Netflix to watch with the episodes covering everything from murders to disappearances, hauntings, and, of course, UFO sightings.

The show’s reboot is presented in a documentary style without a host or narrator, and encourages viewers to help solve the mysteries.

Producer Terry Dunn Meurer previously talked about the series saying: “I would say that there are a lot more people who get more deeply involved in some of these cases. With the Netflix series, we know that there’s a lot of viewers that do a deep dive and they go into social media.

“I think, as well as for the podcast, people want to know more, and so now they have the opportunity to know more. So when they have the opportunity to know more, they do more digging and then they come up with their own theories and then they communicate with other people who are interested in that particular case.

“I just think there’s more communication than there used to be. When we were just on NBC, the show would air once. You couldn’t rewind, look at any clue, you couldn’t look at anything.

“The next time you were going to see that episode was going to be if it reran in the summer. Now you can see all the old shows, they’re streaming on various platforms. So it’s changed.”

She added: “There’d be the stories that you talked about the next day, but you couldn’t do the deep dive into the research and the details and see what else you could dig up.

“People are just more involved, and I think the more people get involved in trying to solve mysteries and trying to analyze these cases, I think that just creates more interest in them, it feeds the beast. Many people say, ‘Oh, God, let’s give the viewers out there what they’re looking for.

“Let’s give them more true crime.’ But we don’t think of ourselves, I mean, yes, we do crime stories, of course, but we do think of ourselves as a mystery story.”

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