In conjunction with the 85th anniversary of the refugee ship St. Louis, the previously unknown diary of one of the passengers has been published for the first time—in the unique format of a new nonfiction graphic novel about the Holocaust.

Whistleblowers: Four Who Fought to Expose the Holocaust to America, published by Dark Horse Comics and Yoe Books, tells the gripping true tale of four heroes who risked everything to expose the horrors of the Holocaust. Whistleblowers is written by noted Holocaust scholar Dr. Rafael Medoff, with art and color by award-winning comic book artist Dean Motter and a foreword by Mark Zaid, attorney for prominent contemporary whistleblowers.

One chapter in the book is based on the previously unknown diary of Arthur Weil, a survivor of the voyage of the St. Louis, the refugee ship that was turned away from America in 1939.

Whistleblowers focuses on the true stories of four courageous individuals: a young journalist—and future U.S. senator—who exposed the truth of Hitler’s plans; a member of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s cabinet who challenged his refugee policy; an eyewitness to Nazi atrocities who revealed the truth to Allied leaders; and an American civil servant who blew the whistle on government officials who were blocking the rescue of Jews from the Holocaust.

* * *

Praise for Whistleblowers team:

“Dr. Rafael Medoff has undertaken important and innovative projects to teach about the Holocaust through cartoons and comic strips, to help ensure that the mistakes of the 1930s and 1940s will not be repeated.” —Stan Lee

“Dean Motter is perhaps most famous as the creator of the ’80s comic book sensation Mister X. In his three decades in the comics business, he’s garnered praise and awards for his acclaimed work, including Terminal City, Aerial Graffiti, Batman: Nine Lives, and Electropolis.” —Joe Schuster Awards

“Mark Zaid is a sleazeball.” —Donald Trump

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