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Queen of Tears actor Kim Soo-Hyun embarked on his second location, Yokohama, Japan, for his 2024 Asia Fan Meeting Tour, EYES ON YOU. Following the global success of the hit tvN K-drama, Kim Soo-Hyun arranged for his first fan meeting in over a decade, with multiple locations and dates from June to September 2024. The tour will conclude in Seoul, South Korea, and include cities like Bangkok, Yokohama, Manila, Taipei, and Hong Kong. 

Kim Soo-Hyun recently completed his first fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 15, 2024. It was a huge success, as the actor interacted with his fans in a sold-out stadium. He sang Crush’s “Love You With All My Heart,” one of the beloved Queen of Tears OSTs and had a great time with fans. Furthermore, the actor even shared behind-the-scenes stories from filming the tvN K-drama. Kim Soo-Hyun now embarks on the rest of his fan meeting tour, including the upcoming destination of Yokohama, Japan. 

Kim Soo-Hyun 2024 Asia Fan Meeting (Yokohama, Japan): Dates & location revealed

On Thursday, June 20, 2024, Kim Soo-Hyun left Seoul, South Korea, for his next fan meeting destination as part of his 2024 Asia Fan Meeting Tour, “EYES ON YOU.” The Queen of Tears actor left for Yokohama, Japan, amidst a wave of fans bidding him good luck at the airport. Meanwhile, the fan meeting will be held on two separate days, Saturday, June 22, and Sunday, June 23, 2024. 

Kim Soo-Hyun will meet his fans at the Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Japan, on both days of the fan meeting. On June 22, 2024, the doors close at 4 p.m. KST, and the fan meeting begins an hour later. Similarly, the fan meeting for the following day begins an hour later, after doors close at 3 p.m. KST. Check out the ticket details for the two days below. 

Kim Soo-Hyun 2024 Asia Fan Meeting (Yokohama, Japan): Where to buy tickets online?

The ticket price for Kim Soo-Hyun’s fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan, is ¥13,000 (tax included). The price remains the same for both days. Fans could buy tickets from the Fan-Clib Pre-Sale Lottery between May 29 and June 10, 2024. The second round of tickets was first-come, first-served as part of pre-sale via Ticket Guide during the same period. 

Meanwhile, the General Sales (first-come, first-served) registration period remains open until two days before the day of the event. More details are available here. Interested individuals can also check the ticket guide and get more updates here. 

Kim Soo-Hyun has more stops in his journey. The actor will head to Manila on June 29, Taipei on July 6, Hong Kong on August 10, and Jakarta on September 7, 2024, before concluding his fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea.

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