The Gateway Pundit Sends Out Official Letter – Asks Speaker Johnson to Investigate Why One of America’s Top Conservative Outlets is Being Censored in Congress | The Gateway Pundit

Last Friday, several Capitol Hill offices reported that The Gateway Pundit website was blocked by the House internet provider. 

Rep. Matt Gaetz announced on his popular podcast that he could not get to The Gateway Pundit website. The Florida representative also posted a photo of what he was seeing when he went to

The Gateway Pundit and our reporter Jordan Conradson spoke with several sources on Capitol Hill after this discovery. We actually had one other office notify of this earlier in the day on Friday. After discussing this with our IT experts, it appears that the internet block was caused by someone at the U.S. House of Representatives.

TGP reporter Jordan Conradson reached out to several offices and we also inquired whether there were other conservative media outlets that were also being censored.

The Gateway Pundit’s editor, Jim Hoft, wrote to Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) on Monday asking that he investigate the matter. We also would like to know how this ban came into effect.

And, of course,  we requested that the ban be removed.

As you know, The Gateway Pundit is one of the top conservative news sites in the US today. We record over 2.5 million page views per day.  We are closing in on one billion page views for the year.  This is despite the continued censorship by the left and, as we now know, active and former government officials.  Our dedicated audience is one of the most loyal on the internet today.

The Gateway Pundit has been a leading voice in addressing incidents of suppression of free speech. TGP’s publisher, Jim Hoft, is the lead Plaintiff in the history-making Missouri v. Biden ongoing litigation, which has revealed the extent of the censorship industrial complex.

The FBI was caught lying about banning the Hunter Biden laptop story. We now know who at the FBI was busy censoring and banning American political speech.

Disgraced FBI Agent Elvis Chan was one of the head censors coordinating the censorship industrial complex.

The FBI and Intelligence community have been caught blocking individual social media posts they disliked for years now. The federal government has even been demanding that American social media companies delete political speech opposed by corrupt foreign governments like the Ukraine.

As noted by Emerald Robinson, the Deep State has been denying that federal government censorship exists at all. Deep State shills like Olivia Troye claim it’s a “conspiracy theory.” 

Obviously, censorship is real and The Gateway Pundit is unfortunately one of the leading targets of this Government Censorship Complex.

Free speech lawyers tell The Gateway Pundit that it’s unprecedented that a media outlet would be banned from view by Congress.

We hope that lawmakers swiftly correct this error. We will update our audience on any progress into this situation.

And, once again, we would like to thank Rep. Matt Gaetz for bringing much needed attention to this injustice.

Americans have the right to free speech.

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