‘The Circle’ Season 6 Trailer Introduces New Cast Members

The Big Picture

  • The Circle
    Season 6 introduces AI chatbot Max for new twist in the game, ready to outwit players for cash prize.
  • Filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, the stakes are higher with Max using past data to create relatable profile.
  • New episodes of
    The Circle
    Season 6 drop on Netflix starting April 17, with Max set to shake up the game.

Netflix has just dropped the trailer for The Circle Season 6. The social media competition returns with a brand-new cast on April 17, 2024. According to the official season description, the show is also moving to a new city with new twists but promises the same game. The official synopsis for The Circle Season 6 states:

‘Catfish, connections, and chaos await as new influencers enter the chat and compete for a huge cash prize.”

The trailer reveals that the reality show is adding “a bit more intelligence to the chat” this season with an AI chatbot named Max that’s going to give the cast a run for their money. The chatbox will basically infiltrate the show’s fake social media platform and try to convince the players that it is one of them. The question is, will Max be able to take away the title of the ultimate catfish? Or will the players see through the charade before time runs out?

As far as the cast goes, The Circle Season 6 is all set to feature Autumn, Brandon catfishing as Olivia, Caress catfishing as Paul, Cassie, Jordan catfishing as Big J, Kyle, Lauren, Myles, Quori-Tyler aka QT, Steffi, and of course, Max! Just like the previous seasons, the participants of the competition will move into an apartment building and be kept isolated from each other — while only communicating through social media.

The AI Twist in ‘The Circle’ Season 6 is Going to Take the Game to The Next Level

The Circle Season 6 is going to be different from the previous seasons. For starters, the new season is filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, instead of the show’s original location in Manchester, England. The stakes in Season 6 will also be higher than ever because Max isn’t just an AI bot, it is designed to attract new audiences and potentially become the most popular player in the game.

The chatbot has been trained on the data of all past seasons and therefore, its profile is a product of all the previous competitors in the show, leading up to Season 6. Max will play the role of a 26-year-old veterinary intern from the Midwest. His profile picture will show him holding a dog as part of the bot’s strategy to appear more relatable to the other contestants.

But the catch is that Max has no control over the information other players will choose to share with it. And once the competition starts, the bot will be on its own, without any interference of the producers. So, it’s going to be interesting to see whether Max will be able to establish genuine connections with other competitors or if its bot-like tendencies will be too obvious for them to notice.

The first four episodes of The Circle Season 6 will be available to stream on Netflix starting April 17, with four new episodes dropping every Wednesday before the season finale on May 8. Each episode will be an hour long, similar to the show’s previous seasons. The show has also been renewed for Season 7 ahead of the Season 6 premiere.

The Circle season 6, therefore, will premiere on Netflix on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Check out the new trailer below.

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