‘Veep’ Creator Addresses Kamala Harris Comparisons

After The Simpsons accurately predicted Donald Trump‘s presidency, Armando Iannucci doesn’t want that smoke. The Veep creator took to X…

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Donald Glover Leans Into Comparisons To Influencer Jordan Howlett

Donald Glover has followed in Method Man‘s footsteps, leaning into fans comparisons between him and influencer Jordan Howlett. On Saturday…

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The Bikeriders Director Is Over Comparisons To Martin Scorsese’s 1990 Crime Drama

Summary Jeff Nichols dislikes comparisons between his 2024 biker movie, The Bikeriders , and Goodfellas . Nichols likes the unique…

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Avowed Preview – Avowed’s Creators On Why Romance Was Considered, But Ultimately Not Included And Skyrim Comparisons

Avowed was featured as a major part of Xbox’s Summer presentations. The game appeared in the Xbox Game Showcase, and…

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