Star Wars: The Bad Batch Gives Tech The Most Beautful Legacy

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3


  • Omega’s survival and escape were largely thanks to Tech’s training, making her a living embodiment of his legacy in The Bad Batch season 3.
  • Omega showcases her skills and knowledge learned from Tech during her and Crosshair’s escape from Tantiss as well as evading the Empire in the aftermath.
  • Hunter and Wrecker couldn’t have found Tantiss, and Omega couldn’t have escaped without all she’d learned from Tech (who may yet return in The Bad Batch season 3).

The Bad Batch season 3 has given Tech a wonderful legacy in the Star Wars canon, though his return may be imminent. Having sacrificed himself to save the young clone Omega and his brother in the finale of The Bad Batch season 3, Tech was seemingly lost for good. That said, his legacy is still being felt in the newly released and final season of the animated series (ahead of his possible return).

The Bad Batch season 3 begins with Omega held prisoner within Mount Tantiss, an Imperial black site run by the Empire’s Advanced Science Division on the planet Wayland. Having reunited with Crosshair who was also a prisoner being experimented on by the Imperials, the duo made their escape following The BadBatch season 3’s three-episode premiere. However, Omega and Crosshair’s escape and evasion of the Empire in the aftermath can easily be attributed to Tech in more ways than one.


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Omega Wouldn’t Have Survived – Or Escaped – Without Tech’s Training

Useful Skills and Technological Know-How

As seen in The Bad Batch season 3, Omega is the driving force behind her and Crosshair’s escape. While the clone sharpshooter had lost all hope, Omega was able to free the former member of Clone Force 99 while also securing them a way out of the Imperial facility and off-world in a shuttle, all while Emperor Palpatine himself was visiting to check on the progress of Project Necromancer. As a result, none of this would have happened with Omega’s training thanks to Tech when he was still alive.

Omega has quite a bit of skill and knowledge in this new season, expertly improvising their escape while also powering up a downed shuttle to try and use its comms. She also confirms to Crosshair that she’d been taught Clone Force 99’s various strategies and plans. Not only that, but she also pilots a second shuttle they commandeered and uses its weapons systems to great effect.

This all proves that Omega is Tech’s living legacy, having clearly benefitted from his training especially considering her piloting and technological skills. Even her hustling skills seen in The Bad Batch season 3, episode 4 after Omega and Crosshair escaped Tantiss probably came from Tech as well. He likely taught her about probabilities and how to count cards to one’s advantage.


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The Bad Batch Could Never Have Rescued Omega Themselves

They Never Would Have Found Tantiss

Omega Reunites With Wrecker and Hunter in Bad Batch Season 3

As confirmed in The Bad Batch season 3, episode 2, the only lead Hunter and Wrecker had on Doctor Hemlock and his operations were proven to be old and outdated. While they likely would have never stopped searching, the odds were certainly not in their favor. After all, Tantiss was home to the Empire’s most heavily guarded secrets, most importantly Palpatine’s cloning project to extend his life far beyond the natural limits, setting up his eventual resurrection in The Rise of Skywalker. As such, Hunter and Wrecker might have never found the Imperial black site despite all their searching.

Tech was the one who taught Omega to pilot
The Marauder
The Bad Batch
season 2, along with many of the other skills she displayed in the show’s final season.

To that end, The Bad Batch season 3, episode 4 confirms that Hunter and Wrecker crossed the galaxy five times looking for Omega. As such, Omega had to be the one to escape with Crosshair’s help, using all she had learned from her brothers to earn her freedom. This is especially true regarding Tech (despite his death). After all, Tech was the one who taught Omega to pilot The Marauder in The Bad Batch season 2, along with many of the other skills she displayed in the show’s final season.

But Is The Bad Batch Teasing Tech’s Return?

A Dark Future May Be In Store

Dark Tech In Bad Batch Season 3 Trailer

Despite The Bad Batch season 3 wonderfully honoring Tech and his legacy through Omega, a darker future for the fallen member of Clone Force 99 may still be in store as the season continues. After all, a mysterious and unnamed agent of the Empire was briefly featured on Tantiss, helmeted yet wearing some very similar amor to Tech himself. This suggests that the Empire may have saved yet brainwashed Tech, something that will likely be confirmed as The Bad Batch season 3 continues with new episodes.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 3, episodes 1-3 are available now on Disney+. Future episodes release Wednesdays at 12:00 a.m. PT, 3:00 a.m. ET, and 8:00 a.m. GMT.

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