Slim Thug’s Craigslist ‘Nipple’ Ad Resurfaces After Cassie Comments

Slim Thug‘s Craiglist sex ad has resurfaced following his controversial comments about the Cassie and Diddy lawsuit.

Thug made his opinions known on Cassie after she accused Diddy of rape and domestic abuse in a lawsuit last week. The Bad Boy boss vehemently denied all her allegations before settling the case with the singer, who he dated for over a decade.

Taking to Instagram, the Houston rapper suggested that Cassie filed the lawsuit for financial gain, saying: “They’re coming back and getting Bill Cosby, coming back and getting Puff — I don’t believe in that, man.

“When shit go down, speak on that shit right there or it should be null and void. You shouldn’t be able to do shit unless you let the people know what happened immediately. There should be a time limit on that shit.

“What happened was […], you were fucking with a billionaire with all this bread all this time, and then you went and followed your heart to fucking with a trainer.”

He added: “That apartment got small, that lifestyle fell off, now it’s struggle time, the love wearing off and now you trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid […] Quit trying to expose people for money.”

In a separate video the rapper made after being criticized for his remarks, he somewhat apologized to Cassie, saying: “That was my personal opinion. I’m sorry we don’t agree on everything…I don’t hate Cassie, I didn’t even know Cassie was black.”

Check out both videos below:

Since his comments, Cassie fans have dug up Slim Thug’s Craigslist ad from 2011 in which he was soliciting sex after a breakup. In the ad, the rapper also posted pictures of him with his nipples out.

The ad read: “I’m a 6’6, handsome, rich, black male looking for sex with no strings attached. I just got out of a relationship and looking to get my rocks off.”

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At the time, Thug claimed that it was a merely joke and a clever ploy to “trick the media.”

“See how easy it is to trick the media they got me on all the websites for being on craigslist and y’all seen me make it the other day,” he wrote on Twitter (now X), per The Boombox.

“I probably fucked your bitch if she’s bad so if u believe I need craigslist to get pussy u win tge #DFA(dumbfuckaward) congrats.”

Also running rampant on social media are rumors that Slim Thug once cheated on his ex-girlfriend, former Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett, with his own cousin and got her pregnant.

One post on X said: “Slim Thug came outta nowhere saying r*pe victims shouldn’t ask for money and now he getting exposed for cheating on his wife and getting his cousin pregnant.”

Another read: “Slim Thug should’ve just kept his mouth shut now the world knows you cheated on one of Destiny’s Children with your cousin and a baby was a result of this incestuous inbred escapade. The world also knows why you gave Dream Doll the fucking ick on national television u weirdo.”

The rapper has yet to comment on the Craigslist ad or the claims he had a baby with his cousin.

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