Slim Thug Says $1M ‘Is Not Enough’ If You’re Broke

Slim Thug has called out those who wish they had $1 million to their name, claiming it isn’t enough to make a broke person happy.

Taking to Instagram on Monday (June 17), the Houston rapper put out a PSA to anyone who believes seven figures in their bank account will change their life around.

“If you broke, a million dollars is not enough,” he began. “If you broke, stop saying, ‘If I had a million dollars, I’d be good for the rest of my life.’ No you won’t.

“If you broke, you got a million dollars worth of shit you need to buy right now. You need a house, car, most of y’all muthafuckas gonna spend money at the mall. You gon’ celebrate you got a million dollars. By the time you do all that shit, you gon’ be broke again.”

Instead, Slim Thug claimed having a high work rate and reaping the benefits of your success is what life’s truly about.

“So stop saying, ‘If I had a million dollars’ — it ain’t about a number,” he said. “It’s about being a hard worker every day and grinding every day, and keep going and keep going. It’s a lifestyle, it’s not a destination.”

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He added: “So stop putting a destination on your goals if [you] had a million dollars. Grind every day and get you some income forever.

DJ Paul added in the comments: “I know a rapper that just got a million and broke because he forgot taxes is 400k of that,650k in cali.”

In 2012, Slim Thug released a book called How to Survive in a Recession and talked about the ways people spend their money during his press run.

“Some people are riding around in a Benz, but die and don’t even have enough money to be buried,” he said on Houston’s 97.9 The Box at the time.

“That may sound like a harsh statement to many, but it is true for so many more. You need to feel like you are committing a crime once you go in your cash.”

Speaking to KHOU about the common mistakes that people who fall into new money make, he said: “[They] forget that they have to pay taxes and what the check says isn’t really what they have. I myself am even guilty of rapping about spending money in careless ways.”

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