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A new update has surfaced for the Star Wars movie that Shawn Levy (Deadpool & Wolverine) is developing for Lucasfilm. According to the InSneider, Levy will reunite with The Adam Project screenwriter Jonathan Tropper for the movie.

There are still no details to share regarding what Levy is looking to do in the Star Wars universe, but when previously talking about the opportunity to direct it, he said it was a “bucket-list thing”.

Levy shared: “Getting that call was a great day. I was in the edit room on All the Light We Cannot See, and I look at my phone, and it’s [Lucasfilm president] Kathy Kennedy.

“Thus began a conversation that led to her inviting me in to develop and make my Star Wars movie. I’m putting everything I have into it, because I love that world, and it is a privilege to get to join that galaxy.”

When previously talking about his excitement for the project, he said: “If you had told me back when I was directing Big Fat Liar that someday I’d be working on the biggest TV show in the world and directing Marvel followed by Star Wars, I would’ve told you ‘You’re f**king nuts.’ But it is so thrilling. And it is the kind of big canvas storytelling that I’ve always dreamed of doing.

“I’ve gotten lucky because ironically it started with Night at the Museum where you’re really building a world, and you’re incorporating comedy and heart. And you and I have spoken a lot, that’s very much what I tried to do on Free Guy and Adam Project.

“And so to get the calls from both Marvel and Lucasfilm, really gratifying. Because I’ve done this job for a while and these are calls I definitely hoped I would someday get.

“And the fact that it’s all coming now and that this is the next several years of my life is really… I’m just stoked. I don’t have deeper words than that. I am happy and excited about it every day.”

Levy also addressed the other Star Wars projects that have stalled out over the years, and in regards to that he explained his attitude toward it.

He explained: “I have this golden ticket into a galaxy far away, and I’m going to devote myself to developing a screenplay that gives me the privilege of making this movie. I don’t attach to things because it looks good in a trade announcement.

“I attach to things that I intend to make. And you better believe I’m not going to squander this juiciest of opportunities. I’m going to work my ass off. But first, I got to work my ass off on making Deadpool.

“So it’s definitely longer-term planning, but I want to be one of the movies that gets to the starting line because these are rare opportunities, and I want to make the most of it.”

Levy’s Star Wars movie is still a very long way out, but I’m curious to see what kind of story he is looking to tell.

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