Shadow & Bone Fans Start Hashtag To Save Show After Cancellation


  • Fans are using the hashtag #SaveShadowAndBone to express their disappointment and demand a proper conclusion to Shadow and Bone, which they have supported for years.
  • Viewers criticize Netflix for canceling the series without providing closure, emphasizing how this damages the trust between the streaming service and its audience.
  • The passionate fandom is determined to fight for the survival of Shadow and Bone, showcasing their dedication and willingness to support the show even if it isn’t renewed.

Fans of the Netflix fantasy series Shadow and Bone have begun a hashtag trend in an attempt to save the series after the streaming service canceled it. Adapted from the novel trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, the series follows Alina Starkov, an orphan who discovers she is a Sun Summoner that can control light. The series follows her battle against dark forces that want to bring chaos to the world. However, Netflix axed the series this week before it could conclude.

Now, fans are taking to Twitter using “#SaveShadowAndBone” in the hopes Netflix will produce Shadow and Bone season 3. Their posts are critical of Netflix’s decision while also pointing out how canceling series can breed mistrust within the service’s audience. Check out what fans are saying below:

__nextsupreme__ points out how, after years of supporting the series, viewers deserve to know how its story ends.

anniesads_ points out how Netflix is toying with subscriber trust by not giving their series proper endings.

ChaosCrows cites an article claiming Shadow and Bone is a popular series, saying it doesn’t make any sense why it was canceled because of this.

purpleyin suggests using Netflix’s title request forum to ask for both a new season and its planned Six of Crows spinoff.

kanejstetic indicates the fandom for the series will put up a fight to save it.

mixleven compares the series to another canceled Netflix original, Lockwood and Co., underscoring just how many popular series have been axed at the streaming service.

atthealcotts says they’ll miss the series, posting a behind-the-scenes image of the cast.

aboutnici is angered the series didn’t get any closure, saying the cast deserves better than to have the series ended.

highinbrighton posts about the Six of Crows, focusing on saving their planned spinoff as well.

SANKTAGENYA points out how many unfinished storylines from the book series there are left to adapt, that will now seemingly never make it to the screen.

Bethanyannart thanks the crew who worked on the show for their dedication to making the cancelled series so engaging.

CancelNetflix encourages fans to tag them in posts, the account focused on the many cancelled series on the platform over the years.

Shadow & Bone Is One Of Many Controversial Netflix Cancellations

Shadow and Bone‘s cancellation comes as the streaming service axes four other series, those being Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall. However, the streamer has axed other popular series in the past, such as the aforementioned Lockwood and Co., as well as Inside Job and The OA. One of their most prominent cancellations recently has been Warrior Nun, which fans seemingly managed to save.

The premature ending of the fantasy series means there won’t be any resolution to the shocking Shadow and Bone season 2 ending. During the season finale, Alina managed to use the Darkling’s shadow powers during Nikolai’s coronation, something that doesn’t transpire in the books. Now, that original storyline has come to an abrupt end, with no promise of resolution in the future.

Given how early the fan campaign to save the series is, it’s unclear if Shadow and Bone can be revived through a show of online popularity. While it may have worked for the Warrior Nun fandom to some degree, it remains to be seen if a faithful continuation of the latest cancelled series can happen. However, the fierce outcry indicates fans of the show will continue supporting it, even if new episodes aren’t being produced.

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