Sarah Jessica Parker On Her Daughters’ Relationship With Food

“When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed sugar in the house,” she continued. “And we weren’t allowed cookies, and we weren’t allowed chocolate, and, of course, all we did the minute we moved out was buy Entenmann’s cakes and cookies, and I didn’t want that [for her daughters.]”

“So in our house, we have cookies, we have cake, we have everything, and I think as a result, you kind of have a healthier relationship,” Sarah Jessica added. “And my daughters will have the figures they have, and hopefully they’ll be healthy. They’re athletes, and they enjoy food, and they have different palates.”

“You can’t make someone like something they don’t like or want, and I hope they can maintain their affection for the experience and their delight in taste and find their own ways to have that be healthy for them,” the star concluded. 

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