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Today we shared an update to our principles with all of our employees. Our values and principles are what guide everything we do at Roblox, so we thought it was important to share publicly as well. You can view our mission, vision, values, and principles here.


Early in the founding of Roblox, we all got together and created the first version of our Roblox Values. We aligned around a short, but powerful set of values that really captured our culture. Those same values still guide our company today. Over time, we realized we needed more detail around how and why we do the things we do, which led to the formation of the Roblox Principles. As with many things at Roblox, we’ve iterated on these as the company has evolved.  

Today we’re sharing the latest update to these principles. Thank you to everyone in the company who provided input and helped refine these over the past several months.

Our values are at the core of everything we do – from how we run the business, to the builders we hire, to the platform we have created:

  • Respect the Community — We consider our impact on the world, strive to make decisions with everyone’s best interests in mind, and communicate authentically. We prioritize our community before company, company before team, and team before individual.
  • We are Responsible — We are empowered and responsible for both the intended and unintended consequences of our actions.
  • Take the Long View — We drive innovation by setting a long term vision, even when making short term decisions.
  • Get Stuff Done — We drive execution every day by taking initiative and relentlessly iterating towards long-term goals.

As we have grown, so too have our principles naturally evolved. This next iteration focuses and clarifies our principles, which include:

    • Together, we are building towards a common Mission, guided by universally held Values and Principles.  Nurturing a sense of belonging is our responsibility, foundational and essential for realizing our ambitious vision.
    • By fostering an environment where everyone is supported to develop their skills and talents, we empower all employees to contribute meaningfully to our collective success.
    • We strive to operate in a way that is consistent and fair for all. We believe this is the best way to achieve our Vision and Mission.  
    • Wherever we evaluate people, whether for prioritization, assessment, promotion, or compensation, we run consistent and fair processes for all.
    • We believe that innovation (and achievement of our Mission) is accelerated by building and supporting a workforce that embodies a range of thought, perspectives, and life experiences.
    • We strive to provide tools that enable creators to reach and connect diverse audiences on Roblox, and to create an ecosystem where any Roblox creator is welcomed with optimism and civility.
    • As we expand the quality and breadth of content on our platform, we may guide, accelerate and invest in specific content categories, along with specific developers and creators. When supporting specific developers, we make the judgment based on our analysis of their capability and ability to succeed.
    • We are relentless in building a highly inclusive organization: an organization where everyone can share ideas freely and be heard, where different perspectives are valued, where constructive dialogues occur, and where everyone has the opportunity to reach their highest potential.
    • Every candidate must increase our ability to innovate and execute, while embodying our values and principles. We evaluate all candidates with equal standards. Age, race, gender, and other protected status are never part of our evaluation of a candidate.
    • Through training and thoughtful system design, we work to eliminate bias in our conversations and decision making processes.
    • We continuously adapt and refine our assessment strategy to evaluate the broad and nuanced range of skills and abilities that are necessary to succeed at Roblox. 
    • We dedicate resources to building relationships with candidates from less represented groups at the top of our recruiting funnel. 
    • We track and share the composition of our workforce, but we do not set targets. 
    • We expect leaders at Roblox to embody our values and principles, and to lead by example.  
    • We assess managers and leaders on the results they produce. We consider their performance in driving execution and innovation, and in creating and sustaining highly functioning teams.
    • We work to contribute to a more fair and equitable world by building a platform that brings people together from different backgrounds and enables them to share their perspectives in a civil manner, express their creativity, learn, and build businesses.

Builders at Roblox thrive on breaking new ground and reimagining how to do things from first principles. For those who are energized by our vision and aligned with our values, we offer the opportunity to do career-defining work and make a huge impact.

I believe having clear and deliberate principles will help us stay aligned as we continue to scale. I’m excited about what’s ahead for us and look forward to continuing to innovate with all of you.


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