Peter Andre Signs With Ignite Elite Artists UK Division

EXCLUSIVE: Australian talent management company Ignite Elite Artists has opened a UK division. The first clients on the company’s UK books are Peter Andre, Amanda Clapham (Hollyoaks), and Ethan Dillon (Vikings).

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company was set up in 2011.

The firm said its expansion to the UK is a “natural progression” and “signifies Ignite’s dedication to fostering exceptional talent and facilitating unparalleled opportunities within the dynamic realms of film, television, and entertainment.”

Ignite also has offices in Sydney and Los Angeles. 

“We believe this expansion presents incredible opportunities for our talent,” said CEO Kiera Horner, a spokesperson for Ignite UK. “By bridging the three major international film industries, we aim to provide unparalleled support to our artists while catering to the diverse needs of casting directors. Our ultimate goal is to propel the careers of our talents both domestically and on the global stage.”

Ignite’s other clients include Lukas Whiting (Nautilus), Cecilia Low (Love Me), Annie Rose Buckley (Saving Mr Banks), Carrie Schroeder (I Am Frankie), Zoe Sheridan (The Daisy Chain), Daniel Widdowson (Reef Break), Shane Emmett (Home and Away), Laila Thaker (Wentworth), Damien Sato (Echo 8), and U.S. producers including Adam Horner (Cypher).

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