Metro Boomin Says He Was Hacked, Denies ‘All Those Corny Tweets’

Metro Boomin is claiming that his social media accounts have been hacked since the release of We Don’t Trust You late last month, and some posts sent from his username were not from him.

In a post to Twitter/X on Tuesday (April 2), Metro said that his phone number and accounts were hacked on the day that the joint album with Future dropped, which was March 20.

“jus got my phone # and accounts back today somebody hacked me the day the album dropped smh,” he wrote. “and all those corny ass tweets all my day 1s know that’s nowhere in my character. All positivity always on my end. We blessed. It’s all love #WeDontTrustYou.”

Aside from some posts that could have been considered shade to Drake amid Kendrick Lamar’s diss to him on the album, Metro’s posts on the platform since his claimed hacking had mainly promoted the project and thanked outlets for supporting it. The producer said that only a small number of tweets were at issue, and he quickly deleted them upon regaining control of the account.

In follow-up posts about the hacking, Metro shared screenshots of the hacker trying to text his rep at Balenciaga to get Chanel products.

“This n-gga so dumb he was texting the Balenciaga store about CHANEL bags lmaooooo I was so mad but this part made me laugh a lil bit can’t lie,” Metro wrote.

Metro said that one of the “corny ass tweets” he was referring to was a post from Monday (April 1), where he called out rappers who he said were “scared” to support the album.

“I see a lot of n-ggas been scared to post the album too [crying face emojis] #IForgiveButIDontForget #WEDONTTRUSTYOU [no pedestrians emojis].”

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Many fans speculated that the comment was aimed at 21 Savage, who has been a close collaborator of both Metro and Drake, and who has yet to post about We Don’t Trust You (although he has been relatively inactive on social media since the album’s release late last month).

The producer acknowledged as much on Tuesday.

“What I look like subbing savage and we were on the phone for an hour 2 days ago,” he wrote. “Y’all shoulda known something was up then but negativity and bad news travels faster and further than anything else.”

Metro clarified, however, that his tweet about rappers needing to “pick a side” overWe Don’t Trust You, which appears to have led to issues between Drake and Rick Ross, who features on the album, was really him.

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