Mark Harmon Returns To Acting 3 Years After Leaving NCIS In New Movie Set Images


  • Mark Harmon makes a comeback to acting in
    Freaky Friday 2,
    three years after stepping away from
  • Harmon is spotted on set shooting scenes with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis for the Disney sequel.
  • Despite his retirement as Gibbs, Harmon remains tied to the
    franchise with the upcoming spinoff
    NCIS: Origins.

Mark Harmon is back to acting three years after leaving NCIS as he’s spotted on the set of Freaky Friday 2. After almost two decades spearheading the police procedural, the actor officially ended his stint on the small screen with an appropriate send-off in NCIS season 19 for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Subsequently, Harmon revealed that he decided to walk away from the show which made him a household name as he wanted to take some rest from the show’s grueling production schedule. A few years later, however, he is back on set for his next film.

Courtesy of Daily Mail UK are new images from the set of Freaky Friday 2. The much-anticipated Disney sequel has previously released promotional images of Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis ahead of the film’s production. While the initial report confirming that the movie is happening revealed that Harmon will be back as Ryan, this is the first time that he has been spotted working on the project. In the images, the former NCIS actor is seen shooting a scene with Lohan and Curtis walking down a busy street.

Will Mark Harmon Return As Gibbs In NCIS?

Harmon Will Narrate The Events Of NCIS: Origins

Harmon will also narrate the events of NCIS: Origins, but although there’s interest in seeing him again, it’s unclear if he will have a physical appearance in it.

Per NCIS season 21, Gibbs remains retired in Naktok Bay, Alaska. Despite having multiple opportunities to bring him back, which includes Ducky’s tribute and the 1000th episode, CBS has opted not to get him involved again. Instead, the show has been focused on further establishing Alden Parker’s stint as the Major Case Response Team’s (MCRT) new leader. The door continues to be open for Harmon’s NCIS return. However, the producers of the show have made it clear that they wanted to ensure they have the right narrative for his much-anticipated comeback.


Freaky Friday 2: Confirmation, Cast & Everything We Know

Freaky Friday 2 is arriving over 20 years after the beloved original, and what Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan have teased so far sounds promising.

Harmon is still tied to the NCIS franchise, despite his retirement from the main show three years ago. He and his son, Sean Harmon, will produce the latest spinoff from the TV universe, NCIS: Origins. The show will be a prequel that tackles Gibbs’ earliest years in the agency as part of Mike Franks’ ragtag team at Camp Pendleton. Harmon will also narrate the ’90s-set events of NCIS: Origins, but although there’s interest in seeing him again, it’s unclear if he will have a physical appearance in it.

It’s worth noting, however, that Harmon returning to acting in Freaky Friday 2 doesn’t nullify his original reasoning for leaving NCIS. Filming for the police procedural, especially since he was its lead actor, was grueling. Meanwhile, being part of the upcoming Disney movie as a supporting character is likely not going to be as demanding. Perhaps his return to acting will help inspire him to revisit his most famous role.

What To Expect From Freaky Friday 2

Ryan And Tess Are Still Going Strong Two Decades After They Tied The Knot

The confirmed Freaky Friday 2 was in development for quite a while. Harmon himself claimed in 2023 that he believed that the sequel was going to happen. As it turned out, the project was already secretly in the works at Disney. Curtis herself spearheaded the endeavor, even writing to the House of Mouse about doing a follow-up to Mark Waters’ cult favorite from 2003. When the movie was finally announced, the pertinent details about it were already properly ironed out. That includes the majority of the core cast, as well as its premise.

Freaky Friday 2
was rumored to be a Disney+ exclusive, but it will instead be released theatrically in 2025.

Per the official Freaky Friday 2 synopsis, the sequel will use the same body-swap trick as the core of its story. This time, however, it will have a “multigenerational twist.” Set in modern times, the sequel will see Curtis’ Tess and Lohan’s Anna living their lives when they are once again subjected to the same magical phenomenon that they experienced two decades ago. While there’s no word on how Harmon’s Ryan fits into the storyline, the Freaky Friday 2 set images confirm that he and Tess are still going strong as a couple.

How Harmon’s Freaky Friday 2 Role Can Lead To His NCIS Comeback

Gibbs Can Be A Consultant For The MCRT

Jamie Lee Curtis as Tess and Mark Harmon as Ryan sitting in a car giving each other strange looks in Freaky Friday.

As previously mentioned, Harmon’s role as a supporting character in Freaky Friday 2 doesn’t mean that he is about to come back to acting full-time. However, it can pave the way for conversations about how he can return to NCIS in a reduced role. The police procedural is no stranger to accommodating its most veteran cast members’ acting requests. When David McCallum asked CBS to step back from the grueling schedule of shooting the series, they were able to make some changes to the role of Ducky, so the actor didn’t have to film long hours.

Gibbs’ old role as MCRT’s leader made this impossible. However, after he officially retired in season 19, there was no need for him to be at the forefront of the team in Navy Yard. Director Leon Vance can consult him from time to time when dealing with particularly tricky cases. Harmon can also have occasional cameos in the main NCIS show. Assuming that being on Freaky Friday 2 rejuvenated his love of acting, it might not be difficult for the actor to be convinced to be involved again.

Source: Daily Mail UK

Freaky Friday 2 Temp Logo Poster

Freaky Friday 2

Freaky Friday 2 is the sequel to the 2003 Disney comedy film that starred Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis as a mother and daughter who accidentally swapped bodies. No concrete details on the film exist other than the desire of Curtis and Lohan to return, with the script being written by Elyse Hollander.

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