Marc Daly Ordered to Pay Kenya Moore $2,000 a Month

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Kenya Moore‘s divorce settlement from her ex-husband Marc Daly has been confirmed, as the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member is being awarded $2,000 per month in child support.

Although Kenya, 53, won’t be getting any alimony or spousal support from her former partner, she was awarded primary physical custody and joint legal custody of her 5-year-old daughter Brooklyn, with a judge agreeing that she should be able to appear alongside her mother on Bravo.

According to a June 21 report from In Touch Weekly, a judge signed off on Kenya and Marc’s divorce this week, noting that while Kenya has a higher salary than Marc, it will be him who’s paying her monthly child support, as well as an additional $1,000 that will be put towards the child’s college savings.

“Respondent must provide proof, and a start date must date back to January 2024 — meaning his total contribution should be Twelve Thousand Dollars ($12,000.00) for the year,” the settlement read.

Kenya and Marc were also ordered to exchange custody at public locations and not bad-mouth each other.

“It is hereby ordered that both parties shall encourage the minor child to develop close nurturing relationships with the other party and each shall refrain from conduct which does or may undermine a positive relationship between the minor child and the other party,” the judge noted, adding that Kenya will have the final say when it comes to Brooklyn’s “economic opportunities.”

“Mother’s exclusive control over any and all economic opportunities for 24 months, then Parties will be required to attend mediation for further determination of final decision-making authority. However, if Parties cannot reach an agreement they will be required to attend court,” the order continued.

Additionally, Kenya will be required to maintain healthcare insurance for Brooklyn, with both she and Marc splitting any uninsured medical costs.

As RHOA fans may recall, Marc was accused of attempting to gain a stake in Kenya’s Georgia home, which she bought before they got married, amid their divorce battle. However, according to the order, none of their individual assets were split.

“Both parties will retain all rights, titles, and possession of any real property located in Georgia, all equity therein as sole and exclusive property, and will be solely responsible for all debt secured by the real property, both personal and business,” the settlement stated. “Both parties will retain all accounts in name as sole and exclusive property and will be solely responsible for all debt in name, both personal and business.”

As for Brooklyn’s participation with RHOA, which Kenya is currently suspended from after allegedly showcasing “revenge porn” images of newbie Brittany Eady, 36, at a filmed event, the judge said Kenya will have final authority to decide “whether to include the minor child on the Bravo show or for any other economic opportunities for Mother.”

“However, Mother shall be required to discuss the opportunity with Father. Mother shall notify Father of any opportunity where the minor will appear on camera and shall advise Father of the content of the appearance,” the order continued. “Mother shall have final authority to decide whether to include the minor child on a television show or for any other economic opportunities for Father. Father shall notify Mother of any opportunity where the minor child will appear on camera and shall advise Mother of the content of the appearance. The minor child will only be involved in opportunities that are age-appropriate.”

It was also noted that Kenya and Marc will “retain all vehicles in” each of their names.

Kenya and Marc got married in 2017 in St. Lucia and called it quits just two years later.

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