Lil Pump Takes Donald Trump Support To Next Level With New Hairstyle

Lil Pump is not backing down in his unabashed support for Donald Trump, recently updating his hair to show his allegiance to the disgraced former President.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday (November 16), the Florida native showed off the new red, white and blue color he added to his locs. “Pump for trump,” he captioned the pic.

The new ‘do comes after Lil Pump appeared at Trump’s latest rally in Florida last week, where he got a shoutout from the embattled ex-president. Despite previously calling him “Lil Pimp,” Trump shouted out Lil Pump for being a Day 1 supporter.

“He’s one of the few — rapper Lil Pump,” Trump said at the rally, after which Pump stood up and saluted the crowd while donning a red MAGA hat in support.

You can check out his new Trump-inspired hairstyle below:

Despite Trump’s claim, Lil Pump isn’t the only rapper who has shown support for him. Last month, Wake Flocka came under fire when he unapologetically endorsed Donald Trump and his 2024 presidential campaign, despite having openly disavowed him in the past.

The Flockaveli rapper threw his support behind the former president by tweeting “TRUMP2024” and later sharing a photo of him standing next to the controversial businessman-turned-politician in front of a presidential seal, and made it his new profile picture.

It’s unclear if the two actually met or if the image was Photoshopped, but the message it sends is loud and clear.

Waka Flocka Flame has done a 180 on Donald Trump as he was going out of his way to criticize him only a few years ago. In 2015, during the billionaire’s first presidential campaign, he tweeted: “Fuck Donald J. Trump.”

During that same period, he said during an interview on SiriusXM: “I’m not voting for Donald Trump because he’s for money. In a time like this, we need somebody that’s for the people, and Trump is definitely not for the people.”

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In 2017, he took it a step further with a very public demonstration of how he felt about POTUS45. During a performance in Athens, Georgia, the “No Hands” hitmaker noticed a fan holding up a jersey that said “Trump” on it.

At first, he seemed alright with the political fashion statement, saying: “Hold that shit up, bruh. That’s a Trump jersey right? Throw that shit up here.”

“I fuck with him, I fuck with the Trump jersey,” he continued in a ruse to get the fan to pass the jersey forward. But as soon as he got his hands on it, the rapper pulled down his pants and literally wiped his bare ass with the shirt.

Waka’s tone then changed a few years ago when he was honored for his humanitarian efforts in the community. In 2021, he was presented with a lifetime achievement award, which was signed into action by Donald Trump’s administration before he left office in January that year.

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