Kyle Richards & Mauricio Umansky Reunite To Give 16-Year-Old Daughter Portia Her EXPENSIVE First Car! WATCH!

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky put aside their differences to give their 16-year-old daughter a huge surprise!

According to a video posted by Sophia Umansky on TikTok, the exes — who are currently in the middle of a separation — came together to surprise Portia with her very first car! So exciting! And they went all out with her first set of wheels, too! How so? They got her a Porsche!

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In the adorable footage, Kyle and Mauricio walk Portia to the front door of the house. When they step outside to the all-black luxury vehicle with a bow on top, they playfully ask:

“Whose car is that?”

The second the teen realizes what’s going on she goes into teary-eyed shock. In fact, she’s too stunned to speak about the extravagant gift — or “Portia’s new Porsche,” as someone points out in the video! The only words she can get out are “Are you kidding me?” and “Are you serious?” As Portia continues to cry, both Kyle and Mauricio rush over to give her a big hug. Check it out (below):


Surprise ????

♬ original sound – Sophia Umansky


Another video posted on TikTok showed Portia driving her new car — with her sisters and mom in the back while Mau was in the passenger seat. Take a look (below):


Taking Portie’s new car for a spin around the driveway

♬ original sound – Sophia Umansky

So far, so good! However, Portia can’t go out on the road by herself with her new car quite yet! She only has a learner’s permit right now since she wasn’t eligible for an official license despite passing the driving exam. Oof. But it’s great to see Mau, Kyle, and their girls all together again amid the reality stars’ split! Reactions? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Sophia Umansky/TikTok, MEGA/WENN]

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