Kendall Jenner finally responds to pregnancy rumors with Bad Bunny during night out

Kendall Jenner finally addressed swirling pregnancy rumors in a stylishly subtle manner. The 28-year-old star, known for her appearances on “The Kardashians,” took to Instagram to share a series of photos where she’s seen enjoying a glass of wine, effectively setting the record straight.

During an elegant night out at a dimly lit Los Angeles restaurant, Kendall was captured at a white table, surrounded by an array of wine bottles. 

In the first photo, she is seen smiling at the camera, wine glass in hand, dispelling any lingering pregnancy speculations. 

Her attire for the evening, a brown leather coat stylishly left open to reveal a hint of cleavage, complemented her relaxed demeanor. 

© Instagram
Kendall Jenner shares a picture of herself enjoying a glass of wine

The series of images showcased Kendall’s effortless charm, with her black hair falling gracefully around her shoulders.

In the final part of her Instagram post, Kendall included a silent video clip where she engages in conversation, reinforcing her caption, “Me and my wine again,” with a lighthearted touch.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are seen leaving the SHOREbar © MEGA
Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are seen leaving the SHOREbar

Back in October, an optical illusion captured in a photo led to rampant speculation about Kendall’s possible pregnancy. 

The image, taken as she entered a studio in LA, showed her in a chic black ensemble, but an awkward angle created the illusion of a baby bump. 

This sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with fans and followers speculating about her possible pregnancy with musician Bad Bunny, whom she has been romantically linked with since early 2023.

However, the rumor was quickly debunked when a Twitter user pointed out that the ‘bump’ was merely the result of an optical illusion, a case of a passerby’s back coincidentally aligning with Kendall’s profile.

Aunty Kenny on duty © Instagram
Aunty Kenny on duty

Kendall and Bad Bunny’s relationship has been a topic of interest since they were first spotted together in February 2023. 

Despite their high-profile statuses, the couple has preferred to keep their relationship away from the public eye, although they have been seen together at various events, including Coachella, where they were not shy about displaying affection.

Amidst her personal life, Kendall’s professional achievements continue to soar. She was recently recognized in Forbes’ 30 Under 30’s Class of 2024, an accolade proudly shared by her mother, Kris Jenner, on social media. Kris’s heartfelt post celebrated Kendall’s impressive work ethic and her heartwarming qualities.

Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny matching boots to the Lakers game
The two wore matching boots to the Lakers game

However, this recognition was not without its detractors. Some social media users questioned Kendall’s inclusion in the prestigious list, pointing out the advantages she had as a member of a well-known celebrity family.

Critics argued that the term “entrepreneur” is frequently misapplied to individuals who, due to their fame and resources, find it easier to succeed in business ventures.

In response to these criticisms, one commentator on a Kardashian-themed forum expressed frustration over the ease with which wealthy individuals claim the title of ‘entrepreneur,’ arguing that it undermines the challenges and risks faced by genuine self-starters.

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