Justin Timberlake DWI Arrest Hit Jessica Biel Harder Than Anyone Realized!

Jessica Biel is going through it after her husband’s DWI arrest this week!

While the actress hasn’t publicly addressed Justin Timberlake’s drunk driving debacle, we have heard she’s “not happy” with the pop star because she “doesn’t like any attention on the family, especially not negative.” She also reportedly is “embarrassed” and “disappointed” by the whole situation — but still plans to “have his back through all of it.” As Jessica usually does when s**t hits the fan with Justin! However, it turns out “disappointed” and “not happy” don’t even begin to adequately describe how The Sinner star feels about driving while intoxicated charge!

An insider told Us Weekly on Thursday Jessica is “extremely upset”! Apparently she was really “worried” about Justin! Well, she was once she eventually heard what happened! Apparently, she had zero idea of what was going on with her husband as she was busy filming Prime Video‘s The Better Sister in New York City — roughly two hours away from Sag Harbor where he got arrested! The source said:

“Jessica is extremely upset. She was shocked to hear the news and had no idea as she was working. She was really worried about him.”

Wait, she “had no idea as she was working”… It happened shortly before 1 a.m. and none of his entourage called her? So when did she find out? Surely not from the internet…

Once Jessica did get a hold of Justin, what did he tell her? According to the insider, he told her “he was barely drinking” that night. Hmm. Yeah, sure. The Palmer actor also told the police he only had “one martini” while out partying with pals at the American Hotel. However, that one martini was reportedly a Vesper martini — which contains four ounces of liquor and “is equivalent to a double of just about any other cocktail.” It’s basically straight-up alcohol and nothing else! And remember, Justin also allegedly stole and drank someone else’s drink at the hotel!

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With all that, a witness claimed to the New York Post he was “wasted” by the end of the night. And that is not to mention the fact that he reeked of alcohol, had slowed speech, and had bloodshot, glassy eyes as the arresting officer stated. Oh, then there’s the fact that he failed the field sobriety tests.

So yeah, “barely drinking” seems to be a big stretch here! However, the Us insider says Jessica “always gives Justin the benefit of the doubt.” Just like last time, she seems to believe JT… for now! Meanwhile, a second source told the outlet that the former *NSYNC member was only “taking a quick break” from his Forget Tomorrow World Tour on the night of his partying. And once again, they insisted he “didn’t even really drink that much” at the establishment:

“Justin was at dinner with friends and … [and he] wanted to enjoy some down time and have fun. He and his friends didn’t even really drink that much so they were shocked he was pulled over.”

Hmm. What possibly added to the shock is that Justin has not really “been drinking” while out on the road, per the insider:

“[He’s] been really healthy with the ongoing tour.”

Healthy or not, he potentially messed up his tour now with this scandal! Fans — like Jessica — aren’t happy with him. Some even went as far as backing out of seeing him! So, he possibly did all this work for nothing! And it’s all because he decided to get behind the wheel drunk instead of having someone sober drive him home.

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