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  • Can I subscribe to a series? Ask your comic shop to add a series to your pull list or subscription box—they’ll order each issue for you to pick up when it arrives.
  • When do new comics come out? New comic issues are released on Wednesdays at comic shops.

    Digital editions of single issues become available the same day as the print release.

  • How often do comics in a series come out? Single issue comics in a series are usually released once per month.

    Dark Horse comics are typically grouped in shorter miniseries following one story arc, rather than one continuous, ongoing series under one title. Multiple miniseries together can form larger series featuring the same characters such as Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Black Hammer, and Beasts of Burden.

  • Miss an issue? Many comic shops carry some back issues, so check around for issues you missed and want to collect. And most comic shops will also special order for you, as long as a title is still available. carries all Dark Horse comics, and you can order directly from them.
  • Why can’t I buy comics directly from your website? Dark Horse is not a retailer, and we can’t currently sell physical items directly to customers. This is why we refer you to your local comic shop, bookstore, or Find links to purchase on each comic’s listing on our website.

    Dark Horse does offer digital comics/books through our digital platform (; apps available for iOS and Android). Dark Horse Direct offers deluxe, limited-edition products directly to fans.

  • Will a comic be available in languages besides English? It depends on the title. International publishers can license works to be localized and published in other regions around the world and in different languages.

    Dark Horse comics are available worldwide in English to comics retailers through Penguin Random House Comics and Diamond Comic Distributors. Dark Horse Books are generally available through Penguin Random House and other regional distributors like Turnaround UK to bookstores and other retailers. Wherever we have distribution rights for a title, you should be able to order it from comic shops and book retailers.

  • Find out about new and upcoming titles each month on Penguin Random House Comics and our website, We also feature new titles every week on our website and social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook), and more.

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