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Into The Unbeing Part One #1 by Zac Thompson, Hayden Sherman, and Jim Campbell is now available in comic shops! See what people are saying:

“We have no idea where Into the Unbeing is going, but it’s off to such a strong start that we almost don’t want to see what the future holds, in case it isn’t as effective as the debut issue. Still, even if future chapters don’t match the heights of this premiere, it’ll still likely be one of the most compelling genre comics of 2024. ” –

Into the Unbeing is a unique blend of cosmic horror and an all-too close to home climate crisis that takes us on a thrilling and intriguing journey across a post-apocalyptic landscape…The story feels both relevant and otherworldly while teasing a supernatural element. This combination made for fresh take on real-world issue in an excellent and unique way. ” – Capes & Tights

Into the Unbeing #1 delivers a tense experience that blends a sharp script with moody and ominous art.” – Pages and Panels

“Overall, Into The Unbeing has me locked in and starving for more. The use of real science with physical anomalies and unnatural environments make everything feel grounded and familiar while also alien and almost supernatural. The characters also feel real, tangible, and relatable. There is something so much bigger brewing underneath all of this and it’s going to be a pleasure to watch the layers being peeled back to reveal it all.” – Nerd Initiative

“If you’re looking for an adventure comic that’ll wow you and tickle your amygdala, give Into the Unbeing Part One a shot. It blends eerie visuals in an absorbing story that just might make you think about our own doomed planet a bit more carefully.”- AIPT Comics

Into the Unbeing is a beautiful comic. It manages to stretch the Moebius-esque starkness of a large open desert with bright colors and unfamiliar (but somehow still eerily family) topologies. The narrative consistency, which passes through a voice over from the captain, to dialogue, and then into a personal journal from the captain, drives home the lost and sometimes forewarning perspective of our guidepost through the story.”- Comics Beat

“Right off the bat, Into The Unbeing #1 establishes a sort of cosmic horror element in the same vein as something like Annihilation, with a heavy focus on personal tragedy mixing with a much larger threat…The universe created here is legitimately unnerving without being explicit with its horror, the look is oppressive and evocative.”- Major Spoilers

“With a frighteningly relatable setting, compelling characters, and gripping artwork, Into the Unbeing has successfully lured me into the deep, dark cavern of its narrative. Thompson and Sherman have crafted a story that not only entertains but also provokes thought about the dire consequences of our current environmental trajectory.”- Geekly Grind

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