How Sabrina Carpenter’s Bangs Were Inspired By “First Real Heartbreak”

You’re going to love the story behind Sabrina Carpenter‘s hair a latte.

The “Espresso” singer recently revealed how her signature curtain bangs took shape after she experienced a transformative period in her life.

“I literally cut my bangs ’cause someone broke my heart and I was just like, ‘I have to do something,'” Sabrina told Vanity Fair in a video published June 20. “I’m not usually one of those people that has to make rash decisions when their feelings are hurt but that was my first real heartbreak and so I guess it just sparked that initial like, ‘I have to do something different.'”

And although the 25-year-old wasn’t afraid to make a drastic transformation, she did draw the line when it came to changing her natural roots.

“I never wanted to dye my hair,” she continued, “because I always felt comfortable as blonde—the way I was born.”

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