Hi, /r/movies! I am Tami Stronach, star of 1984’s The NeverEnding Story, here to answer your questions and talk about my upcoming film/return to the big screen after 40 years, MAN AND WITCH, along with Greg Steinbruner — my husband, screenwriter, and Goatherd! AMA!

Tami Stronach and Greg Steinbruner here. Excited to chat about MAN AND WITCH, The NeverEnding Story, and anything else you’d like! MAN AND WITCH also features Sean Astin, Christopher Lloyd, Jennifer Saunders, Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Giovanni Pernice, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and puppets from Henson! Ask us anything…

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edit: Thank you for the fun and thoughtful questions! It's been so magical connecting with you this afternoon here on Reddit. Join us to see the film in Theaters nationwide July 28 and 30 with Fathom Events — get your tickets today at or

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