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Ah November, what a time to enjoy the leprechauns? People have Christmas in July, so why not St Patrick’s in November? All joking aside, TheShunbun recently released a new Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure called The Lady Leprechaun for you to enjoy. This is a short adventure designed for a party between level 1-4. In it, the adventurers will come across a leprechaun who has lost their golden pig and asks them to help recover it. It looks like a fun and simple adventure. It’s designed to be run as a one-shot and after looking over the preview, it could be really good for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the waters of DMing.

In this adventure, your players will encounter a charming Leprechaun who has lost her golden pig and needs your help finding it. The Leprechaun offers a generous reward for your players help, but also warns you that your search will not be easy. As you travel deeper into the underground cavern, you will encounter terrifying creatures, but if your party can persevere, they will find their rewards worth it. The adventure can be run in one session, and it’s suitable for players level 1-4.

You can purchase The Lady Leprechaun from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for $1.99.

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