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Hellboy Winter Special: The Yule Cat by Mike Mignola, Matt Smith, and Chris O’Halloran is now available in print for the first time in comic shops! See what people are saying:

Hellboy Winter Special: The Yule Cat is a delightfully mysterious and fun one-shot entry into the Hellboy mythos. Matt Smith’s writing and visual storytelling sensibilities capture everything great about Mignolaverse comics, while maintaining his own style while playing in this well-established universe. Chris O’Halloran’s color art perfects the atmosphere and pulls readers in effortlessly to this paranormal holiday mystery.”-Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Excellent story that mixes horror, suspense and action in the middle of the Christmas season in the best Hellboy style.”-Un Comic Mas

“A fine holiday tale to exchange with friends and start your own Icelandic holiday book swap”-Multiversity Comics

“The Hellboy winter specials have been some of the best Christmas comics on the stands for the holidays for quite some time now. They do the season justice while also being stories that deepen Hellboy’s lore by not settling on throwaway tales. The Yule Cat is no exception, and it’ll warm your heart just as much as it’ll make you clutch it for fear that a giant cat will come eat you because you didn’t buy new clothes for Christmas.”-Comics Beat

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