Guess Who Just Made the Final 20 in the Miss Universe Pageant?… A Trans and the Plus-Size Girl | The Gateway Pundit

Miss Universe competitors Miss Nepal Jane Diika Garrett and Miss Portugal Marina Machete.

The 72nd Miss Universe Competition was held tonight in El Salvador.

This year the pageant will include ‘women’ from 85 countries including two trans competitors from Portugal and The Netherlands.

Miss Nepal Jane Diika Garrett is also competing tonight. Jane is the first plus-size model in the Miss Universe pageant.

Moments ago the final 20 contestants were picked by the judges.

And guess who made the cut? Miss Nepal, the heavy woman, and Miss Portugal Marina Machete , the trans.

Miss Nepal.

Can you imagine being a young, beautiful woman who spent her youth dreaming being Miss Universe, making sacrifices and giving up years of your life to make yourself the best ever – and then this happens?

What must these other women be thinking right now?

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