GOP Rep. Caught On Video Pouring Water Into Colleague’s Bag For Months!

Yet another example of the long-serving members of congress proving they’re no wiser, kinder, or classier than your average eighth grader…

This incident comes from the Vermont House of Representatives, where Democrat Jim Carroll, 62, and Republican Mary Morrissey, 67, have found themselves at odds. The sexegenarians have known one another since childhood and attend the same church. But lately politics have gotten so twisted that Jim found Mary being especially “nasty” to him.

And since January, he realized, she’s been lashing out at him in the pettiest, most childish way: she’s been pouring cups of water into his bag. Yes, really.

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For weeks Jim kept finding his belongings soaked, with no good explanation. So he mounted a hidden camera across from where his coat and bag were hung every day. And he got video of Mary walking past, pouring a cup of water into the bag, many times, over and over, every day for some stretches, for months. Seriously, this is CRAZY!

Independent outlet Seven Days was the first to obtain the video after making a public records request for it. They had already heard about the incident due to an ethics investigation into her, apparently. Jim explained he felt “sad” when he first saw what had happened and was loathe to release the video at first but explained why he relented in a statement to the outlet:

“I have been very reluctant to disclose the video because I believe it will deeply embarrass Representative Morrissey. However, it has become clear to me that the media are aware of the details of Representative Morrissey’s behavior and likely will continue to report on that behavior in the near future.”

He confronted her privately, and she told him she had “flicked” water in the direction because she saw an insect crawling on the bag. We guess she quickly realized how obviously BS that was in light of him watching video of her obviously pouring water into the open bag. Instead, he tells the Guardian, she told him she didn’t know why she did it. Jim recalls:

“At the end of the meeting, I looked at her and said, ‘You know, this has really f**ked me up.’ There were weeks when I didn’t know who was doing this or why. I walked around this place, paranoid of my fellow legislators, racking my brain trying to think, ‘What could I have possibly said or done?’”

Mary was finally held accountable for her actions publicly on Monday after the video went out last week. She apologized during the House session, saying:

“I am truly ashamed of my actions.”

Will anything change? Will she actually take a long, hard look at what a child she’s been? Will her constituents vote out someone so petty? We kind of doubt it. Can Jim forgive Mary? All water under the bridge, so to speak? He told the Guardian:

“I guess I would have to say yes in the spirit of forgiveness, reluctantly. But if I had to be a smartass, I’d say her apology holds about as much water as my canvas bag.”

Politics in 2024. Hey, at least neither of them has been under investigation for sex trafficking a teenager or found liable for sexual assault! It’s a win!

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