Glen Powell Makes Cameo To Steal Sydney Sweeney From Date

Sydney Sweeney couldn’t host Saturday Night Live without an appearance from Glen Powell.

Luckily, there were two. The first came during Sweeney’s monologue, when she jokingly addressed rumors that she and Powell, her co-star in the rom-com Anyone But You, were romantically involved, despite her being engaged.

She spoke lovingly about her fiancé and asked the cameras to cut to him, only for Powell to pop up on screen.

The rom-com power couple made another joke about their chemistry during the final sketch of the night, in which Sweeney played a woman on a date that kept getting interrupted by rude patrons at a restaurant.

When they finally get a quiet moment, Sweeney tells him, “I cheated on you with my boss and I think we should break up.”

Enter Powell, playing said boss. “Hey baby cakes,” he says. “Wanna get out of here?”

And they’re off!

Check out the skit above.

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