Formula One: Meet the wives and girlfriends of your favourite F1 drivers | In pictures

It’s Kelly Piquet!

The Brazilian model is the daughter of three-time F1 world champion Nelson Pique, and is dating driver Max Verstappen.

Verstappen, however, isn’t her first partner from the world of motorsports – she was previously linked to F1 driver Daniil Kyvat. The former couple share a child, but they split up at the end of 2019 shortly after the birth of their daughter.

Verstappen and Piquet actually met back in 2016, when she was 28 and he 19. They didn’t start dating until 2020, after her split from Kyvat.

In 2023, Piquet chatted to Vogue Netherlands about being involved in the F1 world.

“This world is so familiar to me, I know what those guys are going through,” she said, but made it clear that her life isn’t now going to revolve around Verstappen’s career.

“Ultimately, this is Max’s job. Would you normally bring your girlfriend or partner to the office?” she said.

Read their full relationship timeline here.

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