Flip or Flop’s Christina Hall shows off the latest transformation of her $12 million dollar house

Christina Hall has showed off the incredible transformation to her $12 million family home, giving an insight into how she has decorated her three children’s bedrooms.

Taking to Instagram to show off her proud work, the Christina on the Coast star shared photos of the stunnig renovations, and penned a concise caption explaining her thought process behind the design: “Lived in a lot of houses but this one is pretty special. Took ultra modern and softened it with some natural wood, a lot of live plants and some ‘Bali’ elements, plus a bit of black for contrast.”

The real estate investor gave fans a glimpse of her gorgeous open plan kitchen-living-dining room. With tall ceilings and plenty of windows giving a sneak peek into the gorgeous natural garden outside, this room certainly looked like the hub of the house with extraordinary natural lighting.

© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Christina’s dining area overlooks the woodlands

The kitchen part of the room, saw a sprawling marble island with plenty of seats for the family to enjoy breakfast in the mornings, with the cupboards and hardware made out of a black wood for a monochrome look. Christina tied the kitchen into the room a bit more with natural wood finishings, similar to the beams along the windows of the rooms.

The dining area, placed practically near the kitchen, had six seats round the rectangular wooden table with a plant on top of it. As it was near the windows, the family would be able to enjoy dinner with a view of the gorgeous green trees outdoors. 

The living room space was designed clearly for social engagements in mind, as the long grey sofa and rattan-style chairs sat squarely round the neutral carpet and coffee table. The shot gave a glimpse outside of the gorgeous pool area and large window panes.

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Christina gave fans a greater look at the luxurious pool area, with white sun loungers and a conversational fire pit framing the outside of the grand swimming pool.

She also showed off a smaller part of their garden area with a little cabin shaped like a barrel.

The bathroom was a contrast of calming black tiles with a circular pattern along them, and sandstone bricks. The sink looked luxurious with gold taps and a grand circular mirror for a modern touch.

Christina's conversational living area© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Christina’s conversational living area

It seemed that Christina had even implemented a cinema for family movie nights, with comfy leather couches and wooden touches.

Fans were also given an insight into how Christina’s three kids, Taylor, Brayden and Hudson, were living in the beautifully furnished house.

Taylor’s room was a teenage dream, with a grand double bed and feminine neutral tones for design, as well as a chair hanging from the ceiling.

Christina Hall's kitchen© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Christina Hall’s kitchen

It looked like Hudson and Brayden would be sharing a bedroom together, as their names were hung over their beds, which had matching check bedding and, for a sweet personal touch, soft toys placed on their pillows.

Perhaps the dreamiest room of the house was Christina’s own bedroom, which she shares with husband Joshua Hall. With grand wooden floors, the bedroom had the perfect view of the woodlands the house is nestled in, with grand white curtains for privacy in the evenings.

It’s no surprise that Christina would decorate her home in such a gorgeous way, given she has been hosting house renovation shows for ten years now. Currently the star is filming the fifth season of Christina on the Coast.

See more pictures of her house here…

The luxurious pool, framed with a fire pit and loungers© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
The luxurious pool, framed with a fire pit and loungers
She even has a home cinema© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
She even has a home cinema
Christina's gorgeous cabin© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Christina’s gorgeous cabin
Her luxurious bathroom© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Her luxurious bathroom
Hudson and Brayden's room© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Hudson and Brayden’s room
Taylor's room is a teenage dream© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Taylor’s room is a teenage dream
Christina's bedroom overlooks the woodlands© @apexvizionz Christina Hall Instagram
Christina’s bedroom overlooks the woodlands

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