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In the enchanting 2023 edition of the annual holiday advert for the iconic British department store John Lewis, audiences are treated to a heartwarming short film that tells the tale of a young boy named Alfie and his unexpected Christmas tree adventure. Titled “Snapper’s Christmas Surprise,” the film explores the joy of embracing change and finding the perfect Christmas spirit in the most unexpected places.

The story unfolds when Alfie, portrayed as a curious and imaginative young lad, stumbles upon a mysterious box at a flea market. Intrigued by the promise of growing his very own “perfect Christmas tree,” Alfie convinces his grandma to take the seed home. Little did they know that this small act of curiosity would lead to a wild Christmas tree adventure.

Upon planting the seed, the family envisions a beautiful tree growing that they could decorate with twinkling lights and festive ornaments. However, their expectations take an amusing turn when the seed sprouts into a giant Venus flytrap they affectionately name “Snapper.” After several events involving the unexpected arrival of Snapper prompts Alfie’s mom to move the peculiar plant to the back garden, replacing it with a more traditional Christmas tree.

As Christmas approaches, Alfie can’t shake off the feeling that Snapper is left out in the cold. Fueled by empathy and a desire to include his newfound friend in the festivities, Alfie decides to bring a special Christmas present to Snapper. What unfolds is a heartwarming scene where Snapper’s joy becomes infectious, spreading to Alfie’s family. The once unconventional plant becomes a symbol of love, acceptance, and the willingness to embrace change.

The short film wonderfully encapsulates the idea that traditions can evolve, just like people do. The phrase “grow your own perfect Christmas tree” takes on a deeper meaning as Alfie and his family discover that perfection is subjective. In growing Snapper, Alfie not only cultivates a unique friendship but also changes the course of his family’s Christmas tradition forever.

“Snapper’s Christmas Surprise” is a delightful reminder that the holiday season is not just about traditions but also about the joy of growth, adaptation, and the bonds that tie families together.

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