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If you want to build a giant library for 5E that does not involve Dungeons & Dragons, you are in luck. The 5th Edition Mega Bundle: Gygax + Kobold and Friends + More (affiliate link) over on Humble Bundle offers $1,053 worth of 5E materials for only $25! You’ll get sourcebooks, adventures, and aids in the bundle. Enjoy tons of new creatures to sic on your adventurers with Tome of Beasts 3. Make critical successes and failures more exciting with Critical Rolls. Enjoy adventures from Tome of Quests or a bigger campaign such as Necropolis. There’s so much in this bundle I’ve barely scratched the surface. In addition, each purchase of the bundle will support the International Medical Corps which “provides lifesaving healthcare and supplies to children, families, and communities that have lost everything due to conflict, disaster, and disease in countries worldwide.”

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