DJ Vlad Trashed For ‘Disrespecting’ André 3000’s New Album

DJ Vlad has found himself in the hot seat after an ill-received critique of André 3000’s new album went viral.

On Saturday (November 18) Vlad took to X, where he suggested the long-awaited project was a flop in comparison to projects by André’s duo OutKast.

“For everyone saying how “genius,” “brave,” and “creative” Andre 3000’s new flute album is, the biggest song on the album has 17,000 streams. The last song has less than 2,000 streams,” he began.

He continued: “In comparison, Outkast still gets 20 million listeners a month. So yeah, the numbers speak for themselves.”

The slight caused an uproar from followers who felt Vlad was off base and displayed a lack of understanding of what it means to be an artist.

“Imagine missing out on art because you care who else heard it. Imagine passing on creativity from a generational talent because you’re focused on how many streams it has. Imagine disrespecting a legend’s sonic space for clout. Yikes. André’s flute has more presence than you,” wrote “multi-hyphenate creative” Pierre King.

Writer Michael Stover commented: “You’re an idiot. you’re lucky you’re even relevant, let alone getting paid in this. you’re a joke. an embarrassment. a scumbag. shut your mouth and learn about the culture you continuously appropriate.”

“Music isn’t about numbers. It’s about artistic expression. He did that for him. If ppl like or don’t like it, it’s fine either way,” musician Brooks Anderson II chimed in.

Even Chuck D got in on the action and offered a metaphor of sorts to bring his point home. “Dr V they say that Pete The Cat is genius but nobody compares the numbers lol . Also the amount of push button cars vs turn ignitions . Lol sometimes we can’t allow the grease of machinery run through our arteries,” he wrote via X.

Others didn’t find an issue with Vlad’s sentiments, and suggested the drop was a miss for true fans.

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“Ain’t nobody listening to that shit. His target audience are ppl that into mediation and shit. Which is fine but majority of his fans love him for his LYRICS!!!!,” wrote one user.

New Blue Sun has received major praise from at least one high-profile listener. Questlove took to social media to offer his thoughts on the “next level” instrumental project.

“I am no stranger to the ‘departure album’ […] albums the complete opposite of what the artist is known for,” The Roots co-founder wrote on Instagram. “I knew this 3000 jawn was a left turn but I didn’t know it’s the RIGHT left turn.”

Referring to the new record as “good medicine,” he added: “I always said ‘one day imma make the ambient record I’d love to sleep and dream to’ (btw, watching violent shit/sleeping to news/sleeping in stressful environment takes years off your life—-so this is why I invest heavy in stuff like this.)

“thank you @andre3000 #NewBlueSun”

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