Dianne Buswell’s boyfriend Joe Sugg comments shares his advice for Strictly star Bobby Brazier amid romance rumours

Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier have consistently enchanted viewers with their incredible routines, but their closeness has also sparked speculation about whether anything is going on behind-the-scenes.

Although Bobby is currently believed to be single, Dianne has been in a relationship with YouTube sensation Joe Sugg after they were partnered on the show back in 2018. In a new interview, Joe revealed that he shared some candid advice with the EastEnders star for his stint on the show, and his words even got his girlfriend in a little bit of “trouble”.

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Speaking to the Metro, Joe confessed: “I said to him, ‘Look, Dianne’s going to try and push you, she’s gonna try and stop you from having your lunch breaks” – which isn’t strictly true.”

Joe added: “You’re gonna need the energy if you want to be in for the long haul. You’ve got to fuel your body and you’ve got to put the hours in and just make sure you eat enough food. That was my advice. Food is just as important as a dance.”

Dianne and Joe started dating after they were partnered on Strictly

Remembering his own time dancing with the Australian-born star, the star revealed: “I’m a very slow eater, I like to sit and enjoy my food. When we were dancing together, she was like ‘Surely, you’re finished by now, we need to get rehearsing because the competition is getting tough now and you’re still not that great’.

During the interview, the 32-year-old also revealed how “proud” he was of Dianne and Bobby’s progress on the show, with the pairing making it to the special milestone of Blackpool.

Bobby and Dianne dance during Strictly week 8© Guy Levy
Dianne and Bobby will be dancing together in Blackpool on Saturday

“[Bobby] is so impressive,” Joe commented. “I’ve got really high hopes for them but I must say the competition is tough.”

Despite the romance rumours, Dianne shut down remarks during a media appearance that were sparked following their intense Argentine Tango. Speaking about the pair’s dance, Susanna Reid suggested: “There’s nothing untoward going on here, it’s just the dancing,” prompting Dianne, 34, to confirm that there’s no romantic connection between herself and Bobby. “Exactly, it is,” the dancer said.

Dianne Buswell and Bobby Brazier dancing the Tango© BBC
The pair’s chemistry has sparked romance rumours

“I think the thing that I love so much about dancing is being able to tell a story. It’s like acting, isn’t it?” she asked, adding: “We obviously did the dance the correct way if that’s what’s being said because that is the Argentine Tango.”

Bobby also got surprisingly open about his love life during last week’s show, confessing he had “shared his bed” with someone. When pressed on how hard he was training, the actor revealed he was even going over the moves in his sleep.

Joe Sugg in a green hoodie kissing Dianne Buswell on the cheek© Instagram
Joe and Dianne moved to Brighton earlier in the year

“I woke up one morning doing this [arm gestures],” the 20-year-old told Claudia Winkleman. “I woke myself up doing that, crazy! And then the week before, the person that I shared a bed with, I turned and said: ‘This is the American Smooth.”

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The comment caused Dianne to immediately burst out laughing as a flustered Claudia turned to the camera before joking: “Who wants to pull on that string?” She then added: “I’ll tell you what, we’ll halt it there,” as Dianne commented: “Thank you.”

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