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An open email to the new speaker of the house:

Speaker Mike Johnson, it may have made sense when you were simply a congressman to accept email messages only from residents in your local Louisiana district, but wouldn’t you agree that you now have a responsibility to hear from citizens all across this country? But as my email attempts to you haven’t gone through, this open Letter to the Editor will have to do.

Speaker Johnson, I have no reason to doubt that you care mightily about freedom and democracy both here at home and abroad. And this is why I can’t imagine that you would have the U.S. stand-down (which was what I was trying to email you about) and leave Ukraine to fight off Russia on its own! To allow Putin to have his way with Ukraine would, no doubt, be both a boon to the dictators of the world, as well as a threat to liberal democracies everywhere. Surely you would not want such an outcome to become a reality on your watch!

And one more thing, Speaker Johnson. As you recently did with aid to Israel–that is, inserting a poison pill that required the aid to be taken from IRS funds — I strongly urge you not to play games by doing something similar with the aid to Ukraine. Let’s not insert poison pills in any future legislation that would tie up the needed aid for Ukraine. Instead, let’s skip the politics and get the job done! Okay?



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