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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month this June, Dark Horse Comics presents an updated reading guide highlighting comics that explore LGBTQ+ stories, themes, and characters.

Hear more from the creators themselves, Dark Horse staff, and more in this shortlist of recent comics, and find many additional recommended reads listed below.

There are many more titles from Dark Horse featuring LGBTQ+ themes and creators that readers can enjoy all year round. Check out more Pride Reading Guides: 2019-20, 2021, 2022, and 2023

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos

Dark Horse and Tiny Onion Studios present The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos, an LGBTQ+ horror-hero coming-of-age series from James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Isaac Goodhart, Miquel Muerto, Aditya Bidikar, and more. More details here.

Meet teenage mad scientist Christopher Chaos. His brilliant mind works in ways that defy logic and enable him to do things that push him beyond his peers–but these abilities also lead others to fear him. One day, something cracks. When the cute boy at high school turns out to be a deadly creature, Christopher finds himself pitted in a world of monsters, heroes, and a cult of hunters out to kill them all.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos is a twisted love letter to horror, high school genre stories, and to anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider,” said Brombal. “We are crafting a monstrous universe of epic proportions, and I cannot wait for the world to witness the mad science that James, Isaac, Miquel, Aditya, Nick, and I have been cooking up for you. This is the comic I’ve always dreamed of writing.”

Sparks Volume 1 Sparks Volume 1: Portals

The hit webcomic by Revel Guts is coming to print for the first time, arriving in July 2024! Sparks is a tale of fantasy, adventure, queer romance, and growing up.

In a world rising from the ashes of destruction, Human society thrives only through their complex alliance with the magical Satyr. Philo has always been the worst student in his class at the academy, with powerful magic he can barely control. His lack of ambition and discipline is about to catch up with him as graduation day looms. When he’s paired with the aloof star student Atlas for training, Philo’s magic backfires, teleporting them far from home. Now, their futures depend on them working together to make it back to their school.

“It has been so exciting to get to help bring Revel Guts’ hit m/m romance webcomic Sparks to print for the first time. I can’t imagine a better addition to a queer nerd’s shelf than this unapologetically queer story about two angsty Satyr boys trying their best to finish magic school without blowing themselves up or getting their hearts broken. It is exactly the kind of book I wish would have been more available on bookstore shelves when I was an isolated teenager looking for any kind of story that didn’t shy away from queerness being present on the page, and I am so eager for readers to get to join Philo and Atlas on their epic journey of self-acceptance and discovery.”–Konner Knudsen, Editor

“What happens when two unlikely characters, who couldn’t be more opposite, are paired to train together only to be teleported far from home? You get Revel Guts’ hit webcomic turned graphic novel, Sparks! If you like queer romance, quirky characters, and magic, this is sure to be a book you won’t want to miss.”–Chris Beltran, Publicity Coordinator

The Marble QueenThe Marble Queen

This new, young adult fantasy graphic novel features political drama, heartfelt sapphic romance, and a magical setting. The Marble Queen is by Anna Kopp and Gabrielle Kari, available now in paperback.

Princess Amelia’s kingdom, Marion, is in shambles. It seems the only option left is for her to save it through a marriage alliance. She accepts an offer from the royalty of Iliad–a country shrouded in mystery–and leaves to begin her new life.

When she lands on Iliad’s shores, she finds that her betrothed isn’t the country’s prince but the recently coronated Queen Salira. Shocked, Amelia tries to make sense of her situation and her confused heart. Salira has awakened new feelings inside of Amelia, but she must fight the demons of her own anxiety disorder before she can tackle her wife’s, all while war looms on the horizon.

“I wanted to write a story that reflected my experiences of being an immigrant in a place I didn’t know I could ever belong to; a queer girl who didn’t know queerness existed until I was in a place that didn’t ban it; and as someone with severe physical anxiety symptoms who cried the first time I felt the relief that medication brought me. Overcoming all these things made me a little more whole, and I wanted to make the main theme of the book be that you’re never really alone and that it’s ok to ask for help.”–Anna Kopp, Writer

Summer Shadows #1Summer Shadows

Sink your teeth into an all-new horror mystery series, Summer Shadows, beginning this fall and available for pre-order now. Set against the sunny backdrop of a remote Greek island, the comic tells the story of an LGBTQIA+ romance turned deadly mystery. The tale is written by John Harris Dunning, with interior and cover art by Ricardo Cabral, colored by Brad Simpson and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Nick Landry is on the unspoilt Greek island of Avraxos to look for his ex. Anthony was the love of his life, and without knowing why he left, Nick can’t move on. But Anthony isn’t the only one to disappear on Avraxos. Coast Guard officer Alekos Kourkoulos is on the trail of another young man missing on the island. They learn that both of the missing men fell in with the glamorous inhabitants of a jet-black super yacht, the Nyx, before vanishing. As the mystery deepens, Nick and Alekos discover that the brighter the sunshine, the darker the shadows…

“A thrilling new horror series filled with Greek islands, tragic mysteries, and vampires, all wrapped up in an LGBTQIA+ summer romance gone awry. What more could you ask for in a comic? This LGBTQIA+ vampire mystery is sure to be a series you’ll want to sink your teeth into.”–Chris Beltran, Publicity Coordinator

Pathways: Chronicles of TuvanaPathways: Chronicles of Tuvana Volume 1

A cast of heroes from all walks of life leads the charge to stop an ancient empire bent on world domination in this queer young adult graphic novel. Elaine Tipping‘s popular webcomic, Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana, is currently serialized on Tapas. Volume 1 will collect the first nine chapters in print for the first time, arriving in September 2024, available for pre-order now.

An archaeological dig backed by all four countries of Tuvana is meant to shed light on the past while uniting the countries under a similar goal, despite their differences. However, the project takes a sudden dark turn after an unexpected discovery. Communications are lost, family members are missing, there are strange changes in the land and unexpected climate irregularities–all threatening to unravel the tenuous ties that have kept Tuvana at peace for so long.

Pathways is a high fantasy adventure, with a dash of sci-fi and a bunch of dragons, for fans of Ghibli and Critical Role!”–Elaine Tipping, Creator

“This story is sure to have the makings of a great fantasy epic from a diverse cast of heroes, ancient empires bent on world domination, and heartfelt romances and connections. Also, dragons…there will be dragons!”–Chris Beltran, Publicity Coordinator

Carmilla: The Last Vampire HunterCarmilla Volume 2: The Last Vampire Hunter

Before Dracula, before Nosferatu, there was… Carmilla.

Amy Chu and Soo Lee continue their award-winning tale, begun in Volume 1, Carmilla: The First Vampire, available now from Berger Books and Dark Horse.

In the second volume of this feminist tale of murder, monsters, and mystery layered with dark Chinese folklore, social worker turned vampire hunter Athena Lo has just lost everyone she loves–and it’s all her fault.

Inspired by the gothic novel that started the vampire genre, this queer, feminist murder mystery graphic novel is a tale of identity, obsession, and fateful family secrets. 

Carmilla Volume 2: The Last Vampire Hunter is available for pre-order now, arriving July 9 and 10, 2024 at bookstores and comic shops.

“A sophisticated and modern reimagination of one of the great classics of the horror genre, Chu and Lee have crafted a Vampire story you do not want to miss.”–James Tynion IV (Something Is Killing The Children, The Department of Truth)

Trick PonyTrick Pony

From Greg Lockard, the GLAAD Media Award-nominated writer of the bestselling queer historical graphic novel Liebestrasse, comes Trick Pony, a fantasy LGBTQA+ tale of a washed-up rodeo star heading home to visit his father in the hospital. This original graphic novel features art by Anna Dvid and letters by Lucas Gattoni. It is available starting June 18 and 19, 2024 wherever comics and books are sold–details here. This will be the first time Trick Pony is available in print, first presented digitally by ComiXology Originals.

This story blends themes of second chances, magical realism, queer romance, and fantasy.

“It was incredibly easy to fall into Jimmy Thomas’ boots and feel like I, too, was experiencing a tense reconciliation with a troubled past. Lockard crafted a character that is very flawed but incredibly relatable, especially for queer readers who also may have complicated familial relationships.”–Comic Book Yeti

Killer Queens 2 #1Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings

The deadliest queens in space are back in Killer Queens 2: Kings, Not Wings. This miniseries is a continuation of the original Killer Queens series, which has been nominated for Eisner and GLAAD Media Awards. It follows two reformed assassins-for-hire, Max and Alex, as they use their slay-worthy skills for good. A queer take on 1950’s sci-fi nostalgia, the comic features an all-LGBTQ+ creative team including writer David M. Booher, interior artist Bradley Clayton, colorist Harry Saxon, letterer Lucas Gattoni, with cover art by Chris Ables. See more details here.

During a day of questionable choices at Space Pride, Max and Alex bump into their old boss. The grumpy little simian tries to dragoon them into chasing down a runaway heir to the throne of Sarelia, an alien planet ruled by a brutal patriarchy. Little does he know that Alex and this heir have some, ahem, history.

“There’s an ebullience to this issue’s [issue #1] script that is immediately enjoyable, and combined with Clayton’s art, makes it clear that this book is entirely my proverbial jam. By the end of the issue, we’ve seen space fights, a monkey in a jetpack, family drama, and a pretty impressive cliffhanger ending, all of which makes for a fun first issue.”–Major Spoilers

“Booher’s writing has some sizzling lines that made me laugh out loud. Baldoni’s line work is lithe and expressive, she gives the characters crystal-clear facial expressions that play up the comedy and, when it hits, the pathos, reminding me of Alan Davis’ work on the early issues of Marvel’s Excalibur. The retro-sci-fi aesthetic is rendered cleanly with bold colours by Saxon; this whole book pops!”–The Queer Review, Killer Queens series 1

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