Includes more than 300 pages of art, narrative, and lore!

Dark Horse Books and Critical Role present Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria—The Mighty Nein Part Two. Like its smash-hit companion volume, Part One, The Chronicles of Exandria: The Mighty Nein—Part Two is created in collaboration with Matthew Mercer and the rest of the Critical Role team, as well as Critter community artists. The new 300-plus-page hardcover art book is written by Dani Carr with cover art by Stephanie Pepper. It will be available November 2024.

“I really wanted Iva to go on a genuine emotional arc during this journey and find her voice, but to never lose her spark and her joy for the world she loves – especially the adventurers she adores,” said Dani Carr, Lore Keeper and writer of Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria—The Mighty Nein Part Two. “The entire book is a love letter to the Mighty Nein, to Critical Role, and to the cast who have placed such faith and trust in me over the years. Exandria is just as much my home as it is Iva’s, and I can’t wait for Critters to dive in and let Iva help guide them through the incredible art of the Mighty Nein’s adventures.”

About Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria—The Mighty Nein Part Two:

The saga of Exandria’s famous adventurers continues in this second collection of art, narrative, and lore from the cast of Critical Role as well as the Critter community! The Chronicles of Exandria–The Mighty Nein Part Two follows Critical Role’s Mighty Nein campaign from their adventures in Xhorhas, to encounters with the Kryn and the Bright Queen, to discoveries at the Cinderrest Sanctum and in the belly of a behemoth, all the way to events at the Whitedawn Lagoon and beyond.

Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria—The Mighty Nein Part Two (304 pages, 9.5”x13”) will be available in bookstores on November 26, 2024 and in comic shops on November 27, 2024. It is now available to preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, and your local comic shop and indie bookstore for $49.99.

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Praise for Critical Role: The Chronicles of Exandria—The Mighty Nein and Critical Role comics:

“This will provide a unique perspective for fans as they read about the story and world alongside the stunning full-color art.” –

“If you are a fan of Critical Role, you owe it to yourself to get this book. It’s a monstrously large letter of love from the artists that breathe life into the fandom…an analog slideshow of the moments and memories that fans have shared over hundreds of hours with The Mighty Nein.”—The Geekly Grind

“This remains one of the best fantasy comics on stands today.”—

“If you are a fan of Critical Role and the adventures of Vox Machina, I cannot recommend the series enough.”—But Why Tho, Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins

“If you’re a fan of Critical Role, and if you’re curious about the exploits of the show’s first cast of characters, this volume is a fantastic primer, and one you won’t regret.” –Women Write About Comics

Vox Machina Origins is a triple-threat treat to fans new, old, and uninitiated. Awesome artwork = check. Superb storytelling = check. Humour, heart, and a heavy right hook of action = check, check, check.” –The Fantasy Hive

About Critical Role
Critical Role is one of the fastest growing independent media companies in the world, starting as a roleplaying game between friends and evolving into a new kind of organization dedicated to storytelling, community and imagination. As Critical Role continues to expand the unique universe it has created, with complex stories set in an ever-evolving world, it also continues to create more ways for fans to experience the brand, including both fiction and nonfiction books on the New York Times Best Sellers list, comic books, graphic novels, collectibles, tabletop and roleplaying games, podcasts, live events, and a critically-acclaimed animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, airing exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, Critical Role has launched two major initiatives: an official 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Critical Role Foundation (CRF), and a tabletop game publishing company, Darrington Press. With an original cast of award-winning veteran voice actors who are also co-founders of the company, including Matthew Mercer, Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey and Liam O’Brien, Critical Role is committed to ensuring anyone can discover its stories, characters and community. For more information on Critical Role go to

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