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MoneyCurt Pires is the visionary and boundary pushing writer of such hits as Wyrd, You’ve Been Cancelled, Indigo Children, and YOUTH and founder of TECC CONTENT. Now, Dark Horse will bring MONEY, a white-knuckle conspiracy thriller illustrated by Luca Casalanguida, with colors by Mark Dale and lettering by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and SIMULATION THEORY, a sci-fi conspiracy thriller grounded in the prescient questions of modern society illustrated by Darryl Knickrehm, with colors by Mark Dale and lettering by Micah Myers, to print for the first time.

Pires has a keen sense of the zeitgeist and a sharp, unflinching ability to tackle controversial topics and turn them on their heads. His critically acclaimed comic book series MONEY, YOUTH and WYRD, are in development at Amazon MGM Studios and FX, respectively. He was named to the 2022 class of Forbes illustrious 30 under 30.

“I’m excited to bring these books and the amazing work of my collaborators to print with my friends at Comixology and Dark Horse,” said Pires.

About MONEY:
Money is perfect for fans of drama stories like Succession, Game of Thrones, and comics like 100 Bullets.

Everything you’ve heard about the illuminati is true. Five families have ruled the world since time immemorial. They are . . .

Europe: The Medici Family
US: The Rothschilds
Middle East: The Sawri Family
China: The Yinling Family
South America: The Helu Family

Every 10 years a meeting is held. To elect a new leader. To shape the future of the world. That meeting is tomorrow. This is the story of what happens next. This is the story of how the world ends.

MONEY, collects issues 1-5 of the Comixology Originals series [128 pages / color / on sale November 19, 2024 bookstores / November 20, 2024 comic shops / $22.99 / $29.99 pbk / ISBN: 9781506746920].

Fans of Ready Player One and Chinatown will enjoy Simulation Theory.

The near future. Resources are scarce. Inflation is rampant. Environmental catastrophe is looming. The good news is there’s a way out: The Verse. A one-to-one digital simulation of reality.

Liquidate all your assets and transfer your consciousness into the metaverse. You can live in a virtual world, with a virtual mansion, with infinite virtual money, and you can live that way for as long as you’d like. Inside the simulation there is no harm, no violence, no problems. And, just to sweeten the deal: The Corporation will keep your body on ice, in cryo storage for ten years, just in case you change your mind.

Ash is one of the last holdouts, but when she’s nearly killed in the “real world” over a gambling debt, she takes up an offer from an old friend who works for the corporation, and transfers into the simulation. While there she stumbles upon something that puts her in more danger.

SIMULATION THEORY, collects issues 1-5 of the Comixology Originals series [128 pages / color / on sale February 4, 2025 bookstores / February 5, 2025 comic shops/ $22.99 / $29.99 pbk / ISBN: 9781506746937].

Look for Pires’ previous Comixology Originals works including YOUTH Volumes 1 and 2, Lost Falls Volume 1 and Memoria now available in paperback from Dark Horse Books. They are also available to read digitally from Comixology Originals along with Lost Falls Volume 2, New America, Money and Simulation Theory.

Both MONEY and SIMULATION THEORY are available for pre-order now through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and local comic shop and indie bookstore.

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