Charlamagne Tha God: Drake Hunted Me Down Over Public Jabs

Charlamagne Tha God has recounted a few times that Drake tried to hunt the Breakfast Club host down for all the snark he lobbed against Drizzy in public.

Charlamagne sat down for an interview with the Rap Radar podcast on Friday (November 17), and was asked whether his early critiques of the Toronto rapper were genuine or theatrical.

“Everything I said about the music, early on, was true,” he told host Elliott Wilson. “I always felt like that about the music. I’m like yo, why try to be the next Chris Brown or Miguel when you could be the next JAY-Z? I always felt like he was that good of a rapper.”

Charlamagne went on to say that Drake didn’t take kindly to the jokes, and started dispatching people to try and find him.

He continued: “I mean, he didn’t find it funny. There’s plenty of times people come back and be like, ‘Yeah, Drake and his team was just here looking for you.’”

He mentioned in particular one gathering in Houston where he wasn’t present, but his two radio co-hosts were.

“[Drake] and his guys were damn sure like, ‘Where’s the third Musketeer at?’” he recounted.

He then talked about another incident.

“I met these security guards one time — this was at an iHeart music festival in Vegas — and these muthafuckas looked like killers. They were big super-goons. They were with G-Eazy at the time. And they was like, ‘Yo man, you know how many times we was told, if we see you, [to fight you] on sight? Don’t even ask no questions, just handle it?’

“I’m like, ‘Really?’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, we used to do security for Drake.’”

Check out the full interview below. The Drake comments begin at the 39:47 mark.

Charlamagne is well aware that his Drake criticisms serve as  marketing and promotion for the rapper’s music.

The latest example was back in September, when the radio host took aim at Drake’s latest single “Slime You Out” featuring SZA.

“What scares me — and it’s not a scare because Drake’s gonna be fine — Drake put out a song last Friday and… nobody cared,” Charlamagne had claimed on a podcast.

In response, Drake clapped back on social media by calling the radio jock an “off-brand Morris Chestnut” and questioning Charlamagne’s apparent obsession with him.

“Are you ok Leonard?? You kinda weirding me out g. Like you really obsessed with me or something for years like you look in the mirror and wish you saw my reflection type shit,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“Whatever you gotta do to let it out I’m sure your 435 loyal fans will stand by you ya fucking goof.”

Charlamagne Tha God Defends Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ From ‘Unfair’ Criticism

Charlamagne Tha God Defends Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ From ‘Unfair’ Criticism

The back-and-forth continued until Charlamagne addressed Drake’s comments on The Breakfast Club.

After laughing at his jabs, Charlamagne claimed, jokingly, that his feud with Drizzy is entirely orchestrated as a part of the promotional rollout for the OVO hitmaker’s latest releases.

“Drake and I plan this out every time he drops an album. I’m part of the album rollout,” he said, while simultaneously admitting that he was “lying.” “He drops a record, I critique it, it brings more attention to the record, more attention to the project.

“I keep telling Drake he doesn’t need me to do that; he’s Drake. But for whatever reason, he wants me to do it so I oblige!”

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