Britney Spears ‘Banned’ Little Sis Jamie Lynn From Talking About Her On TV!

After Jamie Lynn Spears‘ fall from the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars, she moved on to do a show in the UK — but she’s also apparently only gone back to TV under the ban hammer from her big sis!

Last week it was announced the controversial younger sister of Britney Spears would be part of the cast of the competition series I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! She described herself to ITV at the time as being “wildly excited and nervous” — only now we’re getting some more deets about why she should be nervous!

On Thursday, the actress’ introduction video was posted to YouTube. One thing fans noticed really quick, however, was that she’d said she was best known for “being an actress and a singer”. Um… isn’t she forgetting something she’s known a bit better for?She even swerved questions from the host — who suggested she was from a “very musical family.” Girl had NOTHING to say about Brit Brit! Nada!

Ch-ch-check out the full video (below):

Yeah, actress and singer — totally not the younger sis of one of the biggest pop stars! We mean, Zoey 101 was definitely a hit with the Nickelodeon scene, but she’s most definitely best recognized as Britney’s little sis! So what gives?

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Well, there may be good reason for her failure to mention the Toxic singer, though. On Monday, sources for DailyMail.com claimed Brit is still peeved about her “total bitch” kid sis using her name to make dough! An insider said Britney thinks it’s “sad” how Jamie Lynn keeps name-dropping her in order to get hired for different roles. So? She BANNED her from using her name:

“Britney banned Jamie Lynn from talking about her. She told her to, for once, make her money without feeling the need to use her sister’s name to get a contract. For Jamie Lynn’s entire career, every show, every appearance, every interview is Britney, Britney, Britney. It’s just sad.”

Banned! Damn!

One appearance the source used as an example was the 32-year-old going on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. FOX used a clip in the show of Jamie Lynn crying and saying growing up in her older sister’s shadow was bad for her self esteem — just one of the many instances she’d brought up Britney on TV. And the Oops… I Did It Again singer is apparently DONE! The source explained:

“The producers used it as an opportunity for her to dish on Britney and she did, tears and all. It was perfect for what they needed out of her … Britney told Jamie Lynn when she was cast on I’m A Celebrity that she does not want to hear her crying again about how she was always living in her sisters shadows. Jamie Lynn has played that record so many times already Britney just wants her to keep her name out of it.”

The Sweet Magnolias star’s compliance in not mentioning the Princess of Pop might hurt her chances of getting booked in the future — but it might also be a good sign for their relationship they’re working to repair. The insider dished:

“Britney is communicating with her sister at this time and it is a work in progress. She has always been forced to play the role of mother to Jamie Lynn and still feels that sort of responsibility … Britney realized that she cannot put the blame on her sister like she can her parents.”

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