Blade Runner (1982) is incredible

I wasn't born when this movie came out. I somehow avoided watching it in my 28 years of living but, as a fan of all things science fiction, Blade Runner was always on my radar. This evening, I finally decided to give the movie its due. As per recommendations, I chose Ridley Scott's Final Cut rather than the theatrical version.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

This movie is so good. Blew my mind wide open. I understand now why people hold Blade Runner in such high regard – It must've felt beyond groundbreaking at the cinema 1982 and I appreciate the huge effort it clearly must've taken by all involved to create this. A mix of simplicity and utter detail that I can't remember having seen anywhere else. To do so much and yet so little at the same time… this is Ridley Scott at his best and most innovative.

This was one of those movie experiences where I didn't always know what was going on but it didn't matter. Because this was clearly what Ridley Scott wanted the audience to feel. Confused and intrigued.

I just sat there and saw every little detail of every scene. I could do that because not a lot was happening at once. Genius

As the credits were rolling I felt so many things. Vangelis created a soundscape for the movie which was just unreal beauty and it kept me engaged until the credits ended.

1980s for me was the "No BS" decade of filmmaking and Blade Runner is no exception. Not one second was wasted and no character felt unnecessary. Chef's kiss to the cast, which was phenomenal across the board.

This is the only instance where I actually forgot that Harrison Ford was Harrison Ford. Rutger Hauer delivered his best performance ever, from my recollection. I had never seen or heard about Sean Young before, but oh my she was perfect in her role too – Beauty and mysticism like her role demanded. Very subtle but deep performances all around I'll say.

I felt a bit sad afterwards, since this movie reminded me of what we likely won't ever seen in cinema again. With so much half-arsed stuff being produced by the big studios these days, Blade Runner hits different. A relic from a time when real steps were being taken in film. I always admired Ridley Scott but I respect him much more now. Blade Runner is one movie that truly can be called "an achievement".

Seeing the Cyberpunk genre being born, is something I won't forget anytime soon. A Masterpiece that all should see

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