8 Charter Guests With The Worst Attitudes


  • Only a few charter guests on Below Deck have been nice, like Justin Guarini from season.
  • Delores, Timothy Sykes, Barrie & Tony have been terrible guests ruining crew morale.
  • Erica Rose and Charley Walters were labeled as the worst guests due to their high-maintenance behavior.

Hundreds of charter guests have appeared on the Below Deck franchise over the last 11 years, but only a few have been nice. The famous Bravo series first premiered in 2013 and gave fans a more intimate look at the lives of the yacht crew and their encounters with the charter guests. Laura Desiree from Below Deck Down Under season 2 has been among the newest and most memorable guests. She was extremely inappropriate throughout her stay on Captain Jason Chambers’ yacht, making wild demands such as asking Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph to cover her in chocolate.

Justin Guarini from Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 was also very memorable. The American Idol season 1 runner-up surprised viewers by boarding Captain Glenn Shephard’s yacht a few months ago. He immediately left a mark on fans by being one of the nicer charter guests. In one instance, Justin complimented Chef Ileisha Dell by claiming her cuisine was out of the world. Despite some great charter guests, there have been more than a few with terrible attitudes.


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8 Alexis Bellino

Below Deck Season 7

Since 2013, numerous rude guests have appeared on Below Deck. Alexis Bellino appeared as a guest on the original series who angered the crew with her excessive PDA. The Real Housewives of Orange County alumni appeared in Below Deck with her boyfriend at the time, Andy Bohn. Immediately, she creeped fans out with her PDA and made Kate Chastain and Courtney Skippon roll their eyes. Later, Alexis took to X and called out the crew members. She wrote,

“pot calling the kettle black,”

taking a shot at Kate and Courtney’s boatmances with Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern.

7 Delores

Below Deck Season 8

Delores Below Deck Happy

Delores from Below Deck season 8 was extremely inappropriate and a terrible guest overall. In episode 11, she gets so drunk and later tries to have a late-night swim. She made the entire crew scared for her well-being by attempting to swim in the ocean at night. Even when Captain Lee Rosbach warned her, Delores jumped into the sea and broke safety rules. As expected, the Captain had to send her home the next day. During her final scene, she again jumped off the mini-boat to shore, proving she hadn’t learned anything.

6 Justin Richards

Below Deck Season 9

Justin Richards Below Deck Eating Food

When Justin Richards appeared on Below Deck season 9, it looked like he wouldn’t be too much trouble. However, the charter guest proved everyone wrong by creating a big scene. In one of the episodes, Justin got very drunk before dinner alongside primary charter guests Michael Durham and Terri Foss. He then argued with them and got so angry he chose to leave the table. Justin then ate his dinner on the swim platform, creating unnecessary drama. At one point, Justin even threatened to throw someone overboard, which was out of the line.

5 Timothy Sykes

Below Deck Season 2

Like Delores, Timothy Sykes was one of Below Deck‘s most disrespectful charter guests. Timothy complained about small things like the internet and reduced the crew’s tips in front of Captain Lee because of minor food complaints. While replying to a fan, Captain Lee shared his first-hand experience of Timothy and why he was a terrible charter guest. He said (via Cheatsheet), “Timothy Sykes took back some of the tips, 5K after he had already handed it to me and said he was taking some back because his 19-year-old girlfriend didn’t like her dinner after he ordered it for her.”


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4 Barrie & Tony

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow Below Deck Sailing Yacht With Babies

Barrie and Tony Drewitt-Barlow were charter guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 2. They boarded Captain Glenn’s yacht to take their family on a luxury holiday through Croatia. Unfortunately, they were on their worst behavior throughout their time on the boat, leading to petty drama and cringe-worthy moments. The first thing viewers disliked the most about Barrie was his mean attitude. Tony was just as bad as his former partner, with his high maintenance and lack of self-awareness.

3 Erica Rose

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Seasons 2 & 3

Below Deck Sailing Yacht guest Erica Rose was the worst charter guest ever after her appearance. One reason why fans felt Erica was the worst was her high-maintenance behavior. The attorney was constantly throwing orders, using the Stews as her maids, and being inappropriate overall. Crew members like Daisy Kelliher felt demeaned by Erica’s demands and rude behavior. She told the cameras, “These people are disrespectful,” adding that they are unpredictable and scary. Erica had an issue with everyone from the Chef to the stews until the end.

2 Charley Walters

Below Deck Season 8

Charley Walters on Below Deck in sunglasses on yacht

Charley Walters was on Below Deck season 8, episode 14. He was a returning guest, having made other appearances on the Bravo show before. One of the worst demands from Charley was an inclination toward embarrassing male crew members. At one time, he made them wear short speedos and served them dinner and drinks. He also made outrageous demands from the Chef, making others suffer for his enjoyment.

While Charley later said producers told him to act badly for the drama, it doesn’t change the fact that he did it without remorse.

1 Dean Slover

Below Deck Season 2

Dean Slover Below Deck Talking

The self-proclaimed food-lover and traveler, Dean Slover, was a difficult charter guest. Despite his past difficult life, Dean didn’t make it easy for fans to like him. When he debuted on the show, he made an extensive preference sheet on the spot, pushing the crew to run around trying to fulfill his demands. He also showed a bossy attitude toward others, thinking he was the biggest deal on Captain’s yacht. From demanding rocket ship-shaped towels to requesting meals at precise times, Dean did ruin the entire Below Deck crew’s mood, be it the Stews or the Chef.

Below Deck

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