6 New Releases for Fans of Alice Hoffman

21 Jun 2024

6 New Releases for Fans of Alice Hoffman

Delve into the enchanting realm of literary fiction with our latest picks! If you adore Alice Hoffman’s magical prose and captivating storytelling, you’ll love these six new releases. From evocative settings to deep, complex characters, these novels promise to whisk you away on a journey of profound discovery and emotion.

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Love, Literally

by J.T. Tierney

Release Date: March 27 2024

Can 42-year-old Hallie Bancroft find her way to love despite the hurdles in her way? Is Quinn O’Neill the man for her? This is a contemporary romance with a whip-smart main female character. Through deep character development and vivid, descriptive writing, this enchanting novel takes you on a heartwarming, relatable exploration of love.

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An Impossible Choice

by Alison Ragsdale

Release Date: June 7 2024

Mothers talk about impossible choices. But, as I look at my daughter in a hospital bed, her red hair fanning out around her, my heart feels literally torn in two. Should I risk my son’s life to save my daughter, or keep my little boy safe and watch my precious girl slip away?

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Lula Dean’s Little Library of Banned Books

by Kirsten Miller

Release Date: June 18 2024

One by one, neighbors who borrow books from Lula Dean’s library find their lives changed in unexpected ways. Finally, one of Lula Dean’s enemies discovers the library and decides to turn the tables on her, just as Lula and Beverly are running against each other to replace the town’s disgraced mayor.

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Summer on Highland Beach (Summer Beach Book 3)

by Sunny Hostin

Release Date: May 28 2024

In the midst of tense family drama, Olivia must decide if she wants to return to the beautiful life she’s created in Sag Harbor—with the neighbors and wonderful man who’ve become central to her happiness—or finally achieve her dream of having a family and home to call her own in Highland Beach.

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B0CGRYDQDW cover imageB0CGRYDQDW cover image


by Rachel Cusk

Release Date: June 18 2024

When a mother dies, her children confront her legacy: the stories she told, the roles she assigned to them, the ways she withheld her love. Her death is a kind of freedom.

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B0CH8GZC2W cover imageB0CH8GZC2W cover image

The Coast Road

by Alan Murrin

Release Date: June 4 2024

A poignant debut novel about the lives of women in a claustrophobic coast town and the search for independence in a society that seeks to limit it.

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